The story behind the upcoming movie, A Cry for Justice (Triple Horse Studios), could have happened to any one of us. But it didn’t. It happened to Jackie Carpenter when her son was arrested for murder after an accidental shooting at his worksite. Full of tragedy and triumph, it shows how this remarkable woman’s faith and determination helped get her through the terrifying ordeal that was ahead.

Jackie Carpenter was an ordinary businesswoman and mother when her phone rang one day in 2008. The news was about as bad as it could be: her son had been accused of murder and arrested. The gripping story of how she brought her family through the crisis is captured in the award-winning movie A Cry For Justice from Triple Horse Studios. See the official trailer for the film on the movie’s website at:


A true story of tragedy, trust and triumph, the movie follows this loving mother’s nightmarish ordeal after her son is arrested for an accidental shooting and charged with felony murder. Up to that point, Jackie’s life had been near-perfect. Nothing could have prepared her for what her daughter-in-law’s frantic voice disclosed on the phone that day. Her son had accidentally shot and killed a would-be thief while protecting his property and the police had arrested him. Jackie had no clue of the difficult journey ahead; not just in proving her son’s innocence but to restore her wavering faith.


Jackie Carpenter is played by Francine Locke, who earned three awards for Best Actress for her roles in True Tale Monsters and her self-produced short Family Law from the Gideon Film Festival. Her son Jason is played by Drew Matthews, who started his professional acting career at a nationally recognized talent convention. Since then, he has worked on commercials and industrials for large corporations and most recently landed a role on the highly acclaimed CW series, “Vampire Diaries.” Jackie’s supportive husband is portrayed by actor Darrel Ervin.


A Cry For Justice is a movie that will touch the hearts of people everywhere and offer encouragement to anyone facing a personal crisis. Based on Jackie’s two books, the movie follows every terrifying detail of the courtroom drama during his trial and Jackie’s personal journey that began with her belief she had enough faith to lean on God during a crisis until the stunning revelation that her faith did not even begin to measure up to where it needed to be when tragedy struck.


Jackie Carpenter has been a featured guest on television, radio, and in newspaper articles. For more information on this author and her miraculous story of faith, hope and love, please watch the trailer at or visit her website at: