(Don’t Wait Until You Hurt Yourself)

By Joyce Hansen


Intuition is not mysterious or mystical. It is practical inner wisdom that is a useful tool for dealing with daily issues.

Each of us comes into this life with a purpose – with lessons to learn and gifts to give. As you develop your intuition, you receive guidance that fulfills your purpose in every way, but how many people really use all of the gifts that they are given? What untapped potential is within you that is anxious to be discovered and maximized?

I started my public relations business based on the tried and true methods of promoting and have found with the surge of social media avenues now available, that traditional PR is being challenged. Should you twitter, tweet, link or video your every move? Brains are saturated with new technology and it can become quite confusing as to what tools you need to incorporate into your business to make it more successful.

Recently, I became so frustrated with trying to get results for a client that I decided to turn to a task that I could see the end result of immediately. I ended up badly spraining my writing hand because I was hurrying to get the job done as quickly as possible to receive the instant gratification I was seeking.

The intense pain I felt when I injured myself was a sign to me that I needed to slow down and listen to what my intuition was telling me, rather than forging ahead with rage trying to make things happen the way I wanted them to.

When I gave myself permission to take a “time out” in nature, I found that when I had quieted the brain enough to stall the mindless chatter going on in my head, that the next step of how to help my client came to me effortlessly. I paid attention to my “gut feelings.”

Why do we make life so difficult for ourselves when we can do things that are relatively simple to move ourselves and our business ahead?

Help yourself to remember to tune into your intuition by putting visual reminders around your work area, in your car and in your private space at home. Use notes, pictures or objects that have an inner connection meaning for you.

This is an example of an affirmation that you can use to carry with you:

“Following my intuitive guidance helps me to create work I love, helps me to express myself in new and exciting ways and brings me satisfaction and success in all areas of my life.”

Trusting my intuition is still difficult for me, but I am learning, kicking and screaming a little, but enjoying the journey into the unknown and undocumented, confident that I have a positive guiding force within me that I can tap into any time for answers and reassurance.

If you are being guided to try something new, your critical voice may try to stop you, telling you that you might make a mistake or look foolish. Acknowledge that negative voice but remember no one is perfect so move on and give the idea a try.

Don’t try to make something happen – allow it to happen. And finally, repeat to yourself:

“As I learn to rely on intuitive guidance, my life, work, feelings and actions intertwine harmoniously and successfully with everyone currently in my life and with those I will encounter on my path.”

When intuition knocks, don’t want for an injury to happen before you pay attention – pay attention to what you are feeling right now. Why not live on purpose – it is what we are meant to do. Dive into the unknown, enjoy interpreting the messages you receive and have fun living your life to the fullest – what are you waiting for – not an injury I hope!

Copyright Class Act Connections 2009. Joyce Hansen, President of Class Act Connections is an intuitive branding specialist helping individuals and entrepreneurs to maximize their brand and uniqueness. She has developed a “Manifesting Success” program to assist her clients to create and implement their own success strategies. Joyce can be reached at joyceh@classactconnections.com or 905-278-0952.