By Robert and Patricia Gussin

“There are many possible paths to take in retirement.  The Gussins have chosen to be adventurers and completely change their lives.  Their story is compelling, and for those ready for a major change, this book can serve as your inspiration.”   –Nancy K. Schlossberg, author of Revitalizing Retirement: Finding Your Identity, Relationships and Purpose


It’s Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself, Say Robert And Patricia Gussin In Their New Book WHAT’S NEXT … FOR YOU?

Regardless of age, career, or geography, doing what you love is always within reach.  The authors of WHAT’S NEXT… FOR YOU?  The Gussin Guide to Big Changes, Big Decisions, & Big Fun, Robert and Patricia Gussin show what it means to reinvent yourself.  Both held prominent positions in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, with decades of experience between them.  But when it was time to retire, they began a new journey instead.

They suggest others do the same.  In WHAT’S NEXT… FOR YOU?, the Gussins tell their own story while providing guidance and inspiration for people who want to make the transition from work to the next stage of their lives.  They suggest that people:

Banish the word “retired.”  Retired means to isolate oneself, withdraw, exit.  Graduation, on the other hand, means progression, development.  Instead of thinking about retiring, think about graduating and moving on.  “I do believe that the concept of retirement scares people who are productive, who love to work, and who don’t want to end up in the disused or cast-aside category,” says Patricia Gussin.  By graduating from work, people can focus on becoming more productive rather than letting a negative concept influence how they live.

•    Explore new possibilities.  One of the Gussin’s favorite questions to ask themselves is “Wouldn’t it be fun to . . . ?”.  Filling in the blank can lead to exciting new adventures and opportunities.  It makes retirement a time of exploration, not defeat.

•    Practice thoughtful impulsiveness.  Don’t frighten yourself by over thinking new situations.  Thoughtful impulsiveness conquers procrastination and paralysis by analysis.  Over thinking a situation can easily keep you from moving ahead whether the decision is large or small.  But by taking a chance you can overcome your own roadblocks.

•    Learn to prioritize.  Make a list of 5-10 things that matter most to you in order of importance.  Then stick to your priorities.  Trying to do too much is not good for your psyche or your health – no matter what stage of life you’re in.  Understanding your priorities will also help you decide what you want to do next.

WHAT’S NEXT… FOR YOU? is a heartfelt guide whose purpose is to help others find the courage to change their lives, to take the road less traveled.  Once the Gussins committed themselves to leaving their jobs, they began trying their hand at other occupations.  It seemed so simple.  Instead of overanalyzing each situation, they used a little “thoughtful impulsiveness.”  On a trip to New Zealand in 2002, they fell in love with the land.  So when Patricia asked the question, “Wouldn’t it be fun to be in the wine business here?” they moved ahead and purchased their first vineyard, buying a second vineyard several years later. 

But that’s not all.  For several years Patricia had been working on a novel, attending  conferences and learning everything she could about the writing and publishing process with Robert by her side.  When her first thriller was completed, Robert decided to explore a new possibility – he would publish Patricia’s book along with those of other talented writers.  Thus, Oceanview Publishing was founded in 2006.  Today it has not only published three novels by Patricia – and one by Robert – but dozens of other books as well, becoming one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the United States.

In WHAT’S NEXT… FOR YOU?, Robert and Patricia take readers on a step-by-step journey, revealing that anything is possible, if you just move ahead and do it.  This is a book that will inspire others to do the things that matter most to them and to live with passion and meaning.

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Patricia Gussin
A physician who grew up in Grand Rapids and practiced in Philadelphia, Patricia Gussin has also held major research and development positions at McNeil Consumer Products and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Pharmaceuticals.

Patricia is the author of Shadow of Death, a Thriller Award nominee for Best First Novel, Twisted Justice, and The Test. 

Robert Gussin
A native of Pittsburgh, Robert Gussin retired from Johnson & Johnson as Corporate Vice President of Science & Technology and Chief Scientific Officer in 2000.  Along with authoring a number of scientific publications, he is also the author of the humorous sports novel Trash Talk.

Robert and Patricia Gussin are the parents of seven children.  They divide their time between Longboat Key, Florida; East Hampton, New York; and their vineyards in New Zealand.