65 Percent of Members Vote Royal Wedding Couple a Perfect Match

The countdown has started with less than one week to go until the royal wedding and almost everyone has an opinion on Prince William and Kate Middleton. But what question is everybody really talking about and asking themselves? To celebrate the upcoming royal wedding, featured Prince William and Kate Middleton as the featured set for one week and received almost 4,000 responses from users across the world., a social networking and niche dating site for men and women that lets the world decide if your potential partner is a perfect match, announces the results of who can do better – Prince William and Kate Middleton?

The dating site gives users three choices to vote – he can do better, she can do better, or a perfect match. The results of the poll show that 65 percent of users who voted said Prince William and Kate Middleton were a good match: nine percent thought Prince William could do better and 26 percent thought Kate Middleton could do better.

“There hasn’t been a royal wedding in almost 30 years, so of course everyone has their opinion on the future success of the next King and Queen of England,” said Dino Luzzi, CEO of Blast Applications, Inc. “The royal family hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to marriages, but it’s nice to know that the majority expect a fairy-tale ending.” combines a personal matchmaking experience with the latest innovation in online dating. The website allows potential partners or couples to upload a picture set side-by-side and allows people to vote on who can do better in the relationship of it’s a perfect match. is a social networking and dating website that lets the world decide if your relationship if a perfect match. Headquartered in New York, allows savvy singles to let the world decide if their dating partner is a perfect match. is owned by Blast Applications, Inc., a premier creator and developer of applications for iPhone, Twitter, Android, and Facebook. For more information visit .