V"Cheshire dignitaries: what puts a sparkle in their smile?"Cheshire Dignitaries: What Puts a Sparkle in Their Smile?

What is it that puts a beautiful smile on somebody’s face? Seeing someone they love? A sunny spring day? Winning the lottery? Well that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Or maybe having a trip to Cheshire, would make someone crack a smile.

Whatever makes somebody flash their pearly whites, the old adage always holds true; smile and the world smiles with you.

Pomp in Cheshire

Cheshire has its share of the best of British pomp and circumstance. From Royal visits to presentation of awards on behalf of the Queen, the county can fly the British red, white and blue with pride.

This makes Lord-Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs a very busy gentleman. Not only does he conduct certain ceremonial matters on behalf of the Crown, he is involved in nominations for The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and for The Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Seeing Buckingham Palace recognise Cheshire for its many initiatives no doubt puts a smile on the Lord-Lieutenant’s face a million times over. In fact, being recognised by the Palace for good works makes not only David Briggs smile, but many Cheshire residents flash their pearly whites.

Luckily, Cheshire is a place where there is excellent cosmetic and 24-hour emergency dental care.

Nice and bright

It is a well-known fact that tea, coffee and nicotine all dull a set of beautiful teeth. They like their tea in Cheshire as much as anywhere else in the UK so it’s no wonder that teeth whitening services are a popular treatment in the county.

Fortunately there are excellent professionals in Cheshire who can undertake this delicate procedure.

Done properly, this process can transform a set of dull teeth into a row of glowing pearls in a matter of months. It is very important to consult with a professional though.

Go with the experts

A walk in any town centre will show that there are scores of salons offering teeth whitening services. There is only one word of warning for a service in such a venue; beware! It is actually illegal to take on teeth whitening unless properly qualified.

Another popular route is the infamous DIY kit. Part of the teeth whitening procedure involves using beaching agents . Why anybody would want to use this type of chemical on their own teeth when they could see an expert is beyond understanding.

Teeth whitening isn’t like giving oneself a hair dye or home makeover. With its combination of bleach gels and specially-fitted mouth guards, it’s a complex process that can go seriously wrong if not done by a pro.

There is also the option of the shorter laser treatment which, similarly, needs to be undertaken by someone who knows what they are doing.

More Cheshire smiles

If anything is going to make someone crack a smile it’s the full name of the post of

Mayor for Chester, Cheshire’s vibrant capital; ‘The Right Worshipful, the Lord Mayor of the City of Chester’. How’s that for a job title?

The position of Lord Mayor of Chester was created in 1992 for 40th anniversary celebrations of the Queen Elizabeth II’s accession. The grand title was given to the city in recognition of its economic and historical importance and was quite a step up from the mere Mayor of Chester!

There have been more than 20 Lord Mayors of Chester the current one being Jill Houlbrook. This busy and enthusiastic lady is tireless in her championing of charity concerns in the area, which surely has put a smile on many a face and will for the duration of her tenure.

This leads to another important cosmetic dental procedure; implants.

Implants explained

The need of implants is very common. Often, a patient doesn’t necessarily have a problem with the colour of their teeth but the way they are laid out. More often than not, this can be traced back to a lack of corrective dentistry when the patient was a child. Getting teeth back into shape can be a lengthy process but it is worth it in the end for a beautiful smile.

Cylindrical or screw-shaped, a dental implant can be fitted into precisely-shaped sockets located around the patient’s mouth. Gradually, through natural growth, these implants are anchored with growth of bone and tissue.

From start to finish, this process can take six weeks or six months with additional time for follow up work which is essential for proper healing. As with whitening, anyone considering this procedure should go with the pros.

Smile Cheshire!

So the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Mayor, Dean of Chester and chief Constable of Cheshire are just some of the dignitaries who can keep smiling about the good work in the county.

That’s just what the county’s top cosmetic dental surgeons love to see; a dazzling smile.

Lauri Pete is writer and editor for Cheshire Dental Centre . She has written many articles about dental health, health care tips and much more.