By Teri Brooks

Ever wonder what your personal strengths are – in and outside the workplace?

Your personal brand broadcasts to the world your strengths, abilities and personal value-added. It’s what distinguishes you from everyone else on the block. For instance, that propensity to organize can bring order to family systems and workplace structures alike. Or perhaps you contribute in another way. Understanding your contributions to the world are a key component to your own sense of personal power and efficacy.

A simple way to identify your natural strengths is to create what I call a “List of Tricks”. Simply brainstorm your personal talents, list them on a sheet of paper and review them regularly. When you feel challenged by a process or task, refer to your list to re-gain your footing.

Here’s what you do: during a quiet moment, with pencil and paper in tow, ask yourself: “What do I enjoy doing in my personal and professional life?”

Some answers could include:

  • Motivating others to be and do better
  • Communicating my thoughts and feelings
  • Analyzing concepts, ideas and processes
  • Debating thoughts and exchanging ideas
  • Handling details and bringing organization
  • Preserving and record-keeping and
  • Persuading others to my point of view
  • Taking risks and encouraging others to try new experiences

Don’t “over think” the process. Don’t analyze or qualify the thoughts – just list whatever comes to mind.

Your Personal Brand

Tom Peters, management guru and creator of “Tom Peters’ Career Survival Guide” says “you figure out what it takes to create a distinctive role for yourself — you create a message and a strategy to promote the brand called You”. Have you ever thought it? You are a brand; your strengths bundle you and package you to the entire world. Operate in the capabilities; not your weakness so you can present a compelling brand that inspires confidence.

You Can’t Help Yourself!

Innate skills are similar to a life calling. You’re going to do them whether you are paid to or not. For example, my husband is a teacher, not professionally, but by nature. He can’t help it. At any given moment, you’ll find him sharing knowledge and information with someone somewhere– it’s just who he is. It’s no wonder that literally thousands assemble to hear him speak.

The same goes for you and your strengths. You will perform them both consciously and subconsciously – whether given the opportunity or not.  This drive to be your truest self is part of what makes you secure and confident. Enhance your natural strengths and cultivate a brand that will springboard you into personal and professional success!

About Author: Teri Worten Brooks is a married mother of two and a consultant in Kansas City, Missouri. While a single mom, she created a nonprofit organization, Sisters Helping Sisters, to provide support to mothers. As a consultant, Teri facilitates self-awareness workshops for corporate and organizational teams. You can visit her nonprofit at or consulting business at also blogs at Teaming with Brooks.