Starting a life with your loved one is a massive step, and it comes with a lot of big decisions. There are budgets, bank accounts, houses, and even name changes to consider. But one of the first — and arguably most fun — decisions is the type of ring your significant other will give you when he proposes.

There are a million of diamonds out there, but each one is unique and says a lot about the woman lusting after it. I’ve sold thousands of diamonds to all types of clients, and I’ve found that most women have one of four different diamond personalities. Find out which diamond you’re drawn to and what it says about you, and send this article to your soon-to-be fiancé so he makes a choice that best suits you.

1. The Bigger, the Better

You want the biggest, most beautiful rock that you can afford — as long as it’s brilliant. You’re looking to impress others and make a statement with your engagement ring, so you need some serious bling.

To achieve maximum size, you’ll want a clarity grade of I1. From a rarity standpoint, I1s are much more plentiful and, therefore, more cost-effective. However, this clarity grade means that you will usually see minor inclusions, or small imperfections , inside the diamond under close inspection with the naked eye.

The color range you might want to consider would be I-K. Within this range, the color will be above average (I), or white, to average (K), which can have a very faint yellow tint.

"Diamond Color Clarity"

When shopping for an I1-graded diamond, you should always look for a stone that has been GIA certified. This ensures that the diamond you’re buying is what the jeweler is selling you and that the weight, shape, color, and clarity are as described. A 1-carat GIA-certified J/I1 round is only  $3,350. That’s far less than a 1-carat GIA-certified G/VS1, which is $10,000. These grades will save you huge money on diamonds that are 2 carats or larger.

If you’re looking for this type of ring, you’re an outspoken and energetic woman. You’re also a woman of action (and sometimes compulsion), and that means you’re not going to waste any time when you find that perfect diamond. Rather than risking someone else swooping in and buying your diamond, you and your fiancé will snap it up on the spot.

2. Beauty and Grace

You value size, but you also want a diamond that is flawless to the naked eye. This is the category that attracts most women and the type of diamond I usually recommend. The color and clarity grade combination that offers the perfect blend of beauty and value is the I/SI2 on a GIA- certified diamond. In most cases, these diamonds are white and flawless to the human eye.

If the cut grade is similar, it will look virtually the same as a much higher-grade diamond, but it will cost much, much less. For instance, a 1.2-carat I/SI2 round will cost you about $7,000, compared to a 1.2-carat F/VS1 round, which will cost approximately $15,000. If you fall into this category, you are balanced, fashionable, and driven by value as well as quality.

3. Savvy and Refined

You’re a discriminating shopper on the lookout for a diamond that is gorgeous even under a microscope. You aren’t just looking for value; you want a high-quality diamond with a nice color — or lack thereof — that screams perfection.

If a rare stone is important to you, I recommend a G-I/VS1-SI1, a D-F/SI1, or a J/VS+. These grades will ensure that there are no surprises and that you’ll love your diamond when it arrives. If you’re a savvy and refined diamond shopper, you’re highly analytical. You’ll probably visit a lot of stores to ensure you’ve seen all possible options. You’ll also do extensive research to understand all the characteristics of a diamond before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

4. One of a Kind

You’re a romantic at heart and want a diamond that’s as rare as your relationship. Size isn’t nearly as important to you as the quality of the diamond.

In this category, I would recommend a color range of D-G and a clarity range of IF (internally flawless) to VS2. If you’re purchasing a diamond of this quality, a cut grade of excellent to very good is ideal. You can rest assured that a diamond of this quality will take your breath away.

"Diamond Clarity Chart"(Photo source:”)

If you appreciate the rarity of a diamond, you’re a quality-driven person who likes the finer things in life. You don’t care about impressing others with a huge rock. You live by the mantra “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” and you want a diamond that reflects the wonder of finding your true soul mate.

There are many ways to buy an engagement ring. Some women like to leave it all to their significant others so they can be surprised, while others prefer to get involved in the process. If left to choose, your soon-to-be fiancé might rely on research, investigate your jewelry box , pick the brains of your friends and family, or ask a jeweler for advice. However, I’ve found that weighing the options based on personality type is often the best way to go.

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love that you’ll wear every single day. Understanding your diamond personality forces you to tap into who you really are — and gets your fiancé to think about the aspects of your personality that drew him to you in the first place. And when you choose a ring based on what makes your eyes light up and your heart sing, that’s a ring you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life.

Mills Menser, president and owner of Buchroeders, is a third-generation diamond dealer and entrepreneur on a never-ending quest to improve the customer experience.