… Heavy Traffic -or- Relevant Visitors?

By Ben Johnson

Let me share an example with you. A few years ago, a friend of mine created a website. To bring traffic, he visited chat rooms, forums, discussion boards and blogs and posted his links there. A lot of people visited the site, but no one purchased his products and his bounce rate increased tremendously.

Another way of tempting people into clicking your link is to start participating in discussion forums. Create this anchor text, and link it to your website, in your signature regardless of the products you are selling: “Don’t click here if you are under 18”.
People will click and leave. Your bounce rate will increase and conversion rate will decrease.

So…What is the Solution? How can You Prevent Your Conversion Rate from Declining?

The solution is simple: Start bringing relevant traffic to your website.

Relevant Visitors – Your Key to Online Success:
Don’t worry about a lot of traffic. If your heavy traffic can’t make your wallet thicker, then you don’t need it. So what if your Analytics report shows thousands of visitors a day… Remember, your report won’t pay your bills.
The energy that you put in to bring tons of traffic should be diverted to brining relevant and targeted traffic.
One Misunderstanding I Want to Avoid Here:
One thing I want to clarify. I am not against heavy traffic. Heavy traffic is good as long as it’s relevant and targeted. So, if you want heavy traffic to increase your sales, you need to ensure that your traffic is relevant as well.
How to Bring Relevant Visitors to Your Website?
Search Engines:
The best way of bringing the targeted traffic is through the Search Engines. You need to rank high in search results on your keywords to bring relevant visitors to your website. Even if you are only getting a few hundred visitors a day, your conversion rate will be much higher when you will compare it with the conversion rate that you will get via heavy but irrelevant traffic.
So, you need to focus on optimizing your website for search engines to attract the most targeted traffic and enjoy increased sales.
Social Networking:
Social Networking is Hot these days. FaceBook has changed the way we were accustomed to using the internet in the past. You can meet new people and promote your products easily via social networking.
But… Remember, stay at least 1,000 miles away from spamming when you use social networks. Utilize them effectively by making new friends. Don’t just keep on posting your links to bring traffic. Instead, talk to people, answer their questions, and when the right time comes, promote your services as well.
When you will interact with people and they will get to know you, they will also promote your products for you by referring your site to their family and friends. So, this is also a great way of making your business successful online with relevant traffic.
So…Now, you know what you need to do to make your website successful. Focus on driving relevant traffic to your website via Search Engines and Social Networking and then work hard to increase it.
Author’s Profile:

Ben Johnson is the Alliance Manager at Logoinn, a custom logo design company. He writes about the effect of design on marketing and brand identity and helps small businesses find design solutions for effective marketing.