By Sheila Glazov

what color is your brainDo you every wonder why some of your co-workers, customers and clients are a pain in the neck and others are a song in your heart?

In response to this common frustration, the What Color Is Your Brain® (WCIYB) personality profile instantly decodes, explores and simplifies the complex nature of people’s traits and talents. It helps you recognize and value people’s strengths and idiosyncrasies; and understand why your perspective differs from the viewpoints of others.

The WCIYB concept promotes:

  1. Self-awareness and the acceptance of others
  2. Effective communication and quick conflict resolution
  3. Minimizing frustration and maximizing cooperation
  4. Keep your positive energy up and your stress down
  5. Decreasing the hassles and increasing the harmony in every facet of your life

Each individual is a rainbow or “Brainbow” blending of Yellow, Blue, Orange and Green “Brain Colors”. The following are Adult “Brain Color” statistics:

35-40% “Yellow Brainers”, who are accountable organizers.

35-40% “Blue Brainers”, who are creative helpers.

10-15% “Green Brainers” who are logical problem solvers

10-15% “Orange Brainers”, who are resourceful risk-takers

“Yellow Brainers” are responsible, practical and appreciate preparedness. They make decisions and deal with change only after they have developed a detailed plan. In the workplace, they are prompt, committed, practical and respectful. They succeed in a structured environment where they can promptly complete tasks on schedule and know exactly what is expected of them. When disorganization frustrates them, they become judgmental and inflexible. Others view them as controlling, opinionated and bureaucratic.

To help them improve their job performance you should acknowledge and encourage their loyalty, dependability and strong sense of right and wrong.

“Blue Brainers” are flexible, empathetic and thrive on collaboration. They make decisions intuitively and easily adapt to change if they feel comfortable about the adjustment. In the workplace, they are communicative, friendly and encourage understanding and teamwork. They flourish in an environment that promotes harmony, imagination, and camaraderie. When selfishness and a lack of cooperation frustrate them, they can become irrational and unrealistic. Others view them as too sensitive, idealistic and touchy-feely. You will see an improvement in their job performance if you acknowledge and encourage their enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and integrity.

“Green Brainers” are data focused, innovative and value research. They must think about change and only make decisions when they have analyzed all pertinent information and ramifications. In the workplace, they are private and prefer to work independently. They are motivated when working in an environment that promotes efficiency, fairness and technology. Coping with incompetency frustrates them, and they become intolerant and condescending. Others view them as intimidating, lacking in people skills, and non-communicative. If you acknowledge and encourage their intellect, competency and curiosity, their job performance will improve.

“Orange Brainers” are dynamic, determined and prize results. They are change agents because they become bored quickly and make decisions spontaneously. In the workplace they are cheerful, competitive and skillful trouble-shooters. Not having to follow someone else’s rules or adhere to a boring or repetitious routine motivates them. Too much structure frustrates them, and they become belligerent, break the rules and emotionally explode. Others view them as fun-loving, but impulsive and reckless. Their job performance will improve if you acknowledge and encourage their generosity, ability to generate ideas, and handle multiple tasks.

When you implement and speak fluent “Brain Color” you will create remarkable customer service practices, develop positive and beneficial relationships, remain composed when encountering complicated problems, respond to new opportunities faster, save time and money, and work smarter, stress less, live better and laugh often!

sheila glazovSheila Glazov is an award-winning author and internationally known personality type expert, professional speaker, and educator. Sheila has presented her What Color Is Your Brain?® workshops in the U.S. Canada, Europe, South America and South Africa. Encouraging adults and children, to recognize and respect, the best in themselves and others, is the essence of her workshops, and books. To create more harmonious relationships in your profession and personal life, visit:

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