Meet Jen Childress, Patina Esprit Wellness, LLC — Owner, Personal Trainer and Health Coach in West Des Moines, IA 

Patina Esprit was founded in 2006 in Santa Clara, CA; while Jen Childress was working full-time for a Washington, DC based non-profit health policy organization. Although, Jen enjoyed her work, she missed having a direct link in helping people improve their health. In 2008, Jen and her husband moved to Des Moines, IA so that she could dive headlong into coaching and training full time.

Jen has thoroughly embraced the move to the Midwest and enjoys being part of the Des Moines community. She is an Adjunct Professor in the department of health and physical education at Grand View University in Des Moines, IA; and currently serves as Vice President for the West Des Moines Charter Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association

Patina Esprit provides women within the greater Des Moines metro area with motivation, support, resources and information to take small steps that lead to big change, including help with being more active, eating healthier, and reducing stress.

Patina Esprit’s goal is to provide fitness options that meet the needs and lifestyles of busy women. Jen meets with her clients in person for individual or buddy training – where she leads them through exercise routines and then maps out specific programs that they can do on their own.  And it doesn’t stop there. To facilitate continued momentum and focus, Jen provides telephonic and email coaching and support during the days that she and her clients don’t meet. Jen likes to create relationships with her clients that are built on trust; creativity; and support. Her ultimate goal is to move health and wellness up the ladder of her clients’ priorities. She relies on innovation and keeping the activities fun and engaging by creating workouts to do at home, pools, and parks, even interval training on the Wii Fit, so that her clients are more likely to stay on the road to achieving their health goals.

People often ask about the meaning of “Patina Esprit”. One of Jen’s mentors likened our bodies and minds to clay – things that we can mold. And, a year or two later,  a few people in one of Jen’s sculpt and tone classes remarked that at 50 & 60 they felt better than they had at 30 because of moving and using their bodies. That stuck with Jen and she felt that it embodied what she wanted her business to be. Thinking about sculpture and art, and applying it to the body and mind, Patina Esprit came into being as a loose interpretation of patina – meaning hardened, or finely finished exterior achieved through age and use; and esprit for uplifted spirit – because our health and well-being aren’t just about physically feeling good, but about feeling good overall. 

Jen speaks to different community groups (runners, moms, meeting planners) on health-related topics, including nutrition, fitting exercise into everyday life, and planning healthier functions. She has also been an author on articles published in the American Journal of Public Health, the North Carolina Medical Journal, and WELCOA’s Absolute Advantage. 

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