"Wellness – A Recipe For Health "A lot of people think of wellness as series of SPA procedures in one of these luxurious hotels. In fact ‘wellness’ is more like a conception of advice, which helps us reduce the every day pressure and enjoy a good health. Following these conception we are able to live a balanced life and achieve a perfect harmony between the body and the mind.

What does ‘wellness’ mean ?

The word ‘wellness’ first appeared in the 17th century in England and its meaning was ‘good health’. In the 20th century, and more particularly during the 50s, it revived in the United States. This is when it got its current meaning – a conception of advice and methods for a spiritual relaxation and health. In the recent years the term gradually came back to us, here in Europe, and today it includes a variety of exercises and methods which keep us happy and relaxed. It’s a ‘recipe’ for a good physical and spiritual health as a result of meditation, positive thinking, carefully considered eating habits and sport activities. Living in a world where almost everybody has free access to the Internet and television, we can easily find a way to make our own ‘wellness recipe’. It is very important, though, that we are ready to accept it as our main way of living voluntarily, because otherwise all these exercises and methods will turn against us, we will stress our body, get tired and there won’t be any result. In this train of thought first you need to learn to think positively and then start practising.

How to be healthy with the ‘wellness recipe’


The first step for good eating habits is to forget about cigarettes and alcohol. You will have to try to eat less hot dogs and much more fruit and vegetables. Proteins, vitamins, nutrients … Pay attention on all these things while preparing you list of meals for the day. Accentuate on freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices instead of buying them from the local store. Take everything in small portions and try not to overeat. In order to clear your body from toxins and improve your concentration, drink at least eight glasses of water.

Be active

In order to feel fresh, healthy and full of energy you need to do some sports. It is also a good way to keep your body slim and young. Try to walk more and if you choose to go to the fitness, you can take your best friend, for instance, in order to make the exercises pleasant and not so tiring.

Eliminate the stress"Wellness – A Recipe For Health "

Try to find a way to escape from the stressful situations in your life. Devote at least one hour of your day to listening to your favorite music or reading an interesting book. Also, you can learn to mediate and enjoy the magic of aromatherapy. It is a good idea, if you can afford it of course, to go to some other SPA procedures. Always find some time to get enough sleep and rest as much as you can afford.

Think positively

There are a lot of books or videos which can make you rearrange your priorities. Positive thinking is the key to being satisfied of your body, your health and as a whole – your life. Living in such a stressful and negatively charged world, positive thinking is perhaps the best way to escape from reality, to feel confident enough in order to work hard for your goals and dreams and accept the things in your life you cannot really change.

About the author: Connie Jameson works for tenancy cleaning company . She has enough free time to write as well. She loves to read health improvement articles.