Meet Lisa Gehrke – President – With You in Mind, inc.

Lisa Gehrke owns and operates With You In Mind, inc.  The company sells Wedding Emergency Kits for Brides and Bridesmaids, Groom’s Kits, Guest Restroom Amenity Baskets and Bridal Slippers.  The Kits and Baskets contain over seventy name brand items geared toward an individual’s fashion, cosmetic, minor medicinal  needs or just plain comfort.  These products are intended to prevent someone from leaving the event or ceremony in order to remedy a minor emergency, thus allowing for a stress-free and uninterrupted flow of the event.  With You In Mind, inc. directs its merchandise primarily at someone involved in wedding or special event preparation.  That includes, but is not limited to, a Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride or Groom and wedding/event planners as well as reception venues and hotels.
Lisa Gehrke is the owner and President of With You In Mind, inc.  The company began operating in February of 2006.  It earns profit through online retail sales from its website along with being a vendor on  It sells wholesale to wedding/event planners and directly to reception venues and hotels.
Ms. Gehrke conceptualized the idea of With You In Mind, inc.’s merchandise after participating in countless weddings in the capacity of Bride, Bridesmaid and Wedding Officiant.  She saw fashion mishaps, cosmetic catastrophes and medicinal needs that caused members of the bridal party and even guests to leave the wedding ceremony or reception to purchase the necessary remedy.  This resulted in delays of the ceremony or reception, missed opportunities of participation and additional costs – not to mention tons of stress.  No one should miss out on the excitement and happiness of a wedding due to a minor emergency that could be fixed with a simple solution.  This prompted Ms. Gehrke to research and develop what would, eventually, be With You In Mind, inc.’s products.  She recognized the need for items that saved time and relieved anxiety while preventing wedding and event participants from leaving.  She also acknowledged that men have fashion, cosmetic and medicinal needs just as women do.  After further investigation into this niche market to find out if such offerings already existed, she found that no products were available that provided emergency kits appropriate for the entire bridal party or Groom and his Groomsmen.  She also found that not a single product existed for the guests’ restrooms.  As a result, With You In Mind, inc. was created.  With You In Mind, inc. believes in providing superior customer service and is confident its merchandise will exceed the expectations of its clients.

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