Your colors are picked out, your dress is ordered and bridesmaids have their dresses and shoes marching orders. The "Wedding Day Jewelry: Do’s and Don’ts"only thing left is one big thing that can make or break your day-of photos: jewelry. When it comes to wedding-day fashion, there’s a very fine line between gorgeous and gaudy, especially with jewelry. Walk the line with these five tips for choosing your wedding bling. But if you are in a rush to get your bling, check out this *best place to buy jewelry online

Stick With Your Theme

If you’re going for a vintage feel, casual soiree or going for the super glam, choose jewelry accordingly. If you have a vintage theme, choose classic pieces like large, jeweled earring, broaches and anything that will play up the look and feel you are going for. For casual weddings, go lighter on the jewelry and choose only a few pieces while traditional weddings, more flashy jewelry vibes with the theme .

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Don’t Go Overboard

This means, don’t have yourself and your bridesmaids dripping in jewelry. If you have big earrings, don’t wear a necklace at all or go with a small chain or locket. If you have large, bold bracelets, only wear one or two and make sure your bridesmaids don’t have clashing jewelry. No matter what the theme or feel of the wedding is, make sure that the jewelry doesn’t overpower the dress and, more importantly, you and your bridesmaids.

Color Do’s and Dont’s

Color is a tricky concept to pull off. You want to be trendy, but no so trendy that in five years you’ll look back and cringe. Many jewelers and big-brand retailers like Macy’s have dedicated bridal sections for jewelry. This makes it a little easier when deciding to choose color or not. Many retailers show jeweled, clear pieces that are classic with the “bridal” feel. But, if you want to go with color, choose something that coordinates well with your wedding colors and doesn’t steal the show. Also, try to avoid overly trendy colors that will go out of style. Shades like orchid and mint are really popular right now, but won’t be trending forever.

Show Some Sparkle

Even though you don’t want your jewelry to overshadow you, it’s ok to pick a bold piece that draws a little attention and ties everything together. Bangles or thick metallic cuffs can be a great statement piece for your bridesmaids. If one bridesmaid is wearing a bold piece, all bridesmaids should wear the same thing or something similar.

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Coordinate With the Ring

If you’re ring is vintage, you don’t want to do all modern jewelry and vice versa . Again, this is where mixed metals come in and also classic trends. Like your dress, the ring is an essential part of the wedding and can actually be a starting point and inspiration for choosing your bridal jewelry.


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