Here are 7 quick exercises you can do By Heidi Richards Mooney

Here’s a great exercise you can do when you get out of the shower:  Towel Tone-up: Hold onto towel (behind you) with both hands, while pulling and maintaining resistance starting at the hip, slowly inhale and lift towel up to shoulder level or above head. On the inhale work your way back down.

This one’s better than SWEEPING…. Grab a broom and hold it behind your back for 1 to 2 minutes (good for posture). Variation: while holding broom, do deep knee bends – start with 10 then work your way up to 20 (good for upper thighs).

In your CAR: Do the Steering Wheel Squeeze – With your hands in the 9 o”clock and 3 o”clock position on the steering wheel, press your hands inward – hold for 3 counts and release (great for working chest muscles


In Your KITCHEN – Waiting for the water to boil? While facing your kitchen counter, lengthen leg out to the side – pause and hold. Swing leg back beyond the starting position to cross body (works the inner and outer thighs)

Work those ABS – Contract your abs tight and breathe normally.

Pillows are for more than sleeping… use your pillow to work your inner thighs – How? Put pillow between your knees and squeeze for 3 to 5 counts. Release. Repeat.


And my favorite is the Hula Hoop for getting back those curves. Shortly before my 50th birthday (2+ years ago) I decided I wanted to learn to Hula Hoop, something I could not do when I was young. I practiced every day until that hula hoop would go for a minute. Today I can do it for 15 minutes without tiring (and 15 minutes is my boredom threshold). This exercise alone has trimmed inches from my waist, hips and has strengthened my legs. It is my favorite exercise and now my six-year old grandson does it with me. Every Sunday we have a hula hoop contest to see who can go the longest!

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