If you drink wine and like to explore different varietals, let me know if you’ve ever heard of Viura. Perhaps you know it as Macabeo.

This is a white wine grape grown in Spain’s Rioja region and in the southernmost region of France. The Viura grape is one of the three that goes into Spanish sparkling wine, Cava. It can also be used on its own to make still white wine.

If the grapes are picked early and aged in stainless steel, the wines will probably be fresh, floral, and aromatic. If, however, the grapes are allowed to age on the vines, the wine will be heavier, more honeyed, and nuttier in taste.

Pair your Viura wine with grilled shrimp, mango salad, white pizza, risotto, Manchego cheese, or Gouda cheese…or an easy drink at a party. Sounds like summer time to me.