Entry Fees

The fee to enter the VIDEO Competition is $20.  For each entry you submit, a $20 entry fee must be paid or the entry will be automatically disqualified. (VOID where prohibited by law). You may be asking why is there is an entry fee? Two reasons. One: to encourage only serious submissions and two: because it takes time and effort and woman power to accept, reply to and coordinate an effort of this size.  WE would love to do it for FREE and in the future should we get major sponsorships, we will definitely consider it.

For now we have kept the entry fee low in order to encourage individuals and businesses of all sizes to enter and to keep it affordable.

All Entries Must:
• Meet all eligibility and deadline requirements
• Conform to defined submission requirements
• Include entry fee
• Conform to all copyright laws
• Be submitted digitally (via email)
Deadline for submission October 5, 2009


The WE Magazine for Women Video AWARDS Competition is open to anyone who is either a woman, or whose message is directed at, geared toward or meant for women.

Deadline to Enter: October 5, 2009 no later than midnight EST.

Competition RULES:  All submissions must be original work by entrant and/or person responsible for such submissions if Video is submitted by a company or organization.


Beginning September 1, 2009 you can enter when you pay the entry fee and send your Entry Form Submission to heidi@wemagazineforwomen.com.


All videos must:
1. Be no longer than 8 minutes in length.
2. Be original content.
3. Be uploaded to YouTube and link (not embed) included on the entry form.  The reason, our site only displays videos uploaded to YouTube. If your video is uploaded to another Video-sharing website, we can accept but video will not display properly on our home-page.
4. Be G-rated (pornographic, racist, illegal or otherwise inappropriate videos will be automatically disqualified from competition)

Videos will be judged on the following criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Message clarity and relevance
3. Motivation and inspiration
4. Overall impact
5. Video does not need to be professionally produced. In fact, we discourage it. We prefer a more down-to-earth style video production. Can be produced by your computer, your webcam or other video tool necessary to get your message across.

Types of Videos we are looking for: Interviews with women, advertisements geared to women, inspirational videos with a message, how-to videos (such as cooking instructions, step by step instructions on how to use modern technology, etc.). Should you have a question about the type of videos that are acceptable, feel free to contact heidi (at) wemagazineforwomen.com.

THREE AWARDS (First-place, Second-place and honorable mention) will be chosen in each of the following categories: human interest/inspirational, How-to and Advertising (9 winners in all).

All decisions of the judges are final. Upon payment of entry fee and appropriate submission form, you will be notified by email that your entry was received.  No entry will be accepted until both criteria have been met.

“AWARD HONOREES” will be notified by email and names will be posted to the WE Magazine site on or about October 15, 2009.

No refunds will be given once entry form and submission fee have been submitted.

All appropriate videos submitted will be showcased on WE Magazine between September 1st and October 30th.

Void where prohibited by law.

Click here  for Entry Form