Today I had the pleasure to once again interview Penny Haynes, multimediapreneur and the brains behind the Commercial Creation Center.

Most internet entrepreneurs recognize the importance of engaging and retaining visitors to your site with audio and video, and yet many don’t have the time or expertise to create or upload multimedia.

If you need need to increase your search engine rankings but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising,  video and audio can get you the recognition with the search engines without breaking the bank.

In this interview Penny talks about some of the features of CCC, how you can use it to market your products and services,some of the most creative ways people are using it, the investment (and it is so reasonable) and more.

The Commercial Creation Center is so easy, it takes a simple push of the button to publish a podcast, a video or any other multimedia products you desire.

Perhaps you are a “do-it-yourself” entrepreneur and yet you still want the comfort of always having an expert on hand to offer help whenever needed, or to do the project if you don’t have the time to complete it. What makes the Commercial Creation Center so unique, is that when you sign up, you get Penny Haynes expertise. She is available to answer your questions and show you exaclty how to maximize your experience.

Click on the Video  above to learn more about how to use the Commercial Creation Center to meet your multimedia audio and video goals.
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About Penny: Penny Haynes is a Multimediapreneur, Web & Software Programmer and Audio/Video Producer and Trainer. Penny works with large corporations such as Lifetime Television for Women as well as individual entrepreneurs. Penny specializes in working with audio/video novices, and creating tools to help entrepreneurs get more mileage out of the content they create in text, image, audio and video formats.  She is the brains behind the two latest software platforms RssZine and Commercial Creation Center.