A deconstructed allure yet well-put together soaks all the benefits of an easy-going atmosphere.

"Urban Living - short skirt"This outfit will keep you inspired and feeling sassy no matter where you go in the city.

The Short Skirt

Choose a comfortable, short skirt, the kind of skirt that has been worn a thousand times and never tire of its snugness Make sure it fits well at the hips and waist as this will be your indication that the garment is right for you. The details on the skirt are merged with large pleats but not enough to extent into a full skirt. Instead, the slight pleats are part of its design as it sits on the shorter side rather than above the knees, ideal for an edginess in your swing.

Add a snug fitted camisole to this slightly loose skirt in order to smooth your curves. The skirt is not hooked at midriff but lingers loosely at the start of the hips, ideal to flatter your figure.

For those frisky days, be playful with a long-sleeve top that adheres well with this skirt. The top should be in an easy-going improvisation to carry the same stylish overtone. Skirt and top should match as an outfit, an entire piece. Avoid being engulfed in clothes without being mindful of color combination as simple awareness saves unwanted fashion faux-pas.

The White Blouse

A white cotton, long sleeve blouse in a hippie design is perfect to cast a degree of funkiness to a laid-back urban commotion. The avant-guard essence of this blouse resides in its burst of ruffled layers, contributing to a unique feminine quality. The design then moves to an off-the-shoulder pattern, beautifully tailored to expose shoulders and neckline.

"urban living white blouse"The sleeves remain long which adds contrast to the exposed décolleté. The inside couture of the sleeves are delicately embroidered that intensifies more daintiness to this blouse. And when shopping for clothes, pay attention to details as without these accoutrements, the garment would simply be a blouse without much else to offer. The fact remains that details are the markers that elevate garments to their full potential.

Wear this blouse with a pair of denim jeans or clean pants to upgrade a modernized expression. Accessorize with delightful jewelry to create your own chic. You’ll feel amazing.

Know that you blend with the pleasant surroundings, a compromise of good-living while scuffling through your activity list. You may catch a movie, attend a tennis match or stop by the corner restaurant for a tapas luncheon. Wherever you go, your wardrobe follows your giddy mood.

A walking pair of shoes keep your feet equipped with steadiness. Find the right match for your outfit, high heels or flats, as long as you combine the right elements that boosts your look.

This outfit is ideal for city life and can easily be put together by matching a few similar items.

The Skinny Pant Suit

"Urban Living - The Skinny Pant Suit"Using a pair of skinny white pants and matching it with the same color-tone blazer is a smart pick. The pant allows you to explore an urban setting, sitting on a park bench without having to worry of tagging your clothes. This pant is made for rough undertakings while at the same time, the tailoring provides flattering curves to feel gorgeous.

Add your favorite top to create a carefree appearance. In this case, the white top matches the white pant to enhance coordination in creating a certain look. This is exactly the kind of detail that moulds fashion theories; coordination. Clothes that match in cut, shape and color belong together.

The blazer is an easy offthehanger kind of jacket, the kind you roll in your tote bag and never loses its texture. These are the clothes you want for city wear. That’s why this outfit works even though these pieces are from two different wardrobes.

Match with superb footwear. For this outfit, a pair of city shoe is more interesting. Since you will be exploring the metropolitan setting, make sure your footwear holds up for a few hours.

Fashion is trying new clothes, seeking new concepts, and being open-minded, always with a fascinating glow in the depth of your eyes.

And ladies, a handbag is always urban.

The Urban Turban

"Urban Living - Urban Turban"Women bring people and culture together and women show diversity through fashion. The aim of an urban fashion rests in its understated glare of values and principals, allowing an artistic freedom of self-passion to come forth.

A multicolored turban, carefully crafted in its print and pattern, tastefully wrapped as a headpiece, makes a strong fashion statement of womanhood.

As a truce for a flawless urban reflection, wear a dress to match the turban by choosing one of the prominent colors from the turban. Preferably, choose a one-tone color fabric to balance the color scheme. Avoid wearing a patterned dress as this will make your outfit colorful without direction, which inevitably, takes away the stylish features from the turban. The concept is to focus on the turban and your personality.

Wear an orange dress for example, short or long depends on your preference. Or you can opt for a blue two-piece outfit, top and skirt that would add panache.

To compliment this outfit, a pair of loafers or square heels keeps you ground-solid as you swift about the urban setting. Do a little shopping, grab a coffee and continue glowing as you calibrate some precious me-time.

The Perfect Outfit

"Urban Living - The Perfect Outfit"This makeover outfit is its own classic. The pant is a straight cut that slims the legs and ends above the ankles. It renders justice to wearing your favorite shoes. The advantage of this tailoring is that it slims the hip area as the couture is adapted for a long-look. So if you are a little heavy on the hips, this type of clothing is right for you. Avoid pants with pleats at the waist as this adds unnecessary bulk. Slide pockets are passible as long as the pocket is slanted at the front of the thigh and not directly on the hips.

A matching top in the same fabric as the pant is a dressmaker’s astute for creating fashion. The top is a clean-cut no fuss top, artistically composed in the same continuation as the pant to give it a full, outfit allure. The top has a round neckline and straight shoulders that favor the stitched sleeves to fall in a straight line. The sleeve lengths are somewhat shorter than a full sleeve that again, adds design and boldness to the entire outfit.

Once you’ve geared yourself with your favorite shoes, this urban look will empower you no matter what city activity you attend. Fashion is all about you!