Here are some great gift ideas for women. Whether for mother, daughter or spouse, going with something memorable is always a good idea. If you need help brainstorming unique gift ideas, consider the following.

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure can be an effective way to relieve sore, achy muscles. If your lady doesn’t have time to schedule acupressure appointments, she can use an acupressure mat instead. These mats apply pressure to certain areas of the body to ease muscle tension. She can set this mat down anywhere in the house to use, or pack it with her to take on trips. Having her own acupressure mat means she won’t have to deal with sore muscles at home or when she’s on the go.

Wireless 3 in 1 Charger

While a charger might not be a sentimental gift, it’s a highly practical and thoughtful one that she’ll appreciate, especially if she needs to charge multiple devices regularly. Wireless 3 in 1 chargers make it easy to charge smart phones, tablets, smart watches, and other devices without having to deal with cords and outlets. She can set this charger up on her nightstand to conveniently charge all devices at night, or bring it with her when she travels. With this kind of charger, she never has to worry about any devices running out of battery power.

Smart Mug

Having to wait for a mug of coffee or tea to cool down enough to drink or reheat it if it gets too cold can be a bit frustrating. If your loved one enjoys having a cup of coffee in the morning or some tea after a long day, consider getting her a smart mug . These mugs have temperature control features that are easy to use. This gift makes sure her coffee or tea stays at just the right temperature when she drinks it from this mug.

Countertop Pizza Maker

If your loved one’s favorite food is pizza, a countertop pizza maker is the perfect gift. Instead of having to order pizza and wait for it to be delivered, she can make a small pizza to enjoy with this type of pizza maker. It’s small enough to fit on almost any counter and offers a great way to make pizza without having to heat up the oven. When you give a countertop pizza maker as a gift, include all of the ingredients she needs to make one, so she can use it right away.

Washable Bath Pillow

Soaking in a tub may not be as comfortable as it could be when a girl has to rest her head on a hard tub surface. A washable bath pillow provides an ideal solution for making the bath even more luxurious. She can rest her head on a bath pillow while reading and relaxing in the tub. Being washable means she can use this bath pillow over and over again without having to replace it.

Bike Basket

If she’s planning to do a lot of bike riding as the weather warms up, a bike basket makes a thoughtful gift. A handcrafted bike basket, such as this adorable Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket , can add a bit of vintage charm to her bike while she rides around the neighborhood or local parks. These baskets are also convenient for carrying items around, such as picnic supplies. Choose an elegant bike basket that also has a durable design and is easy to attach to the handlebars.

Customized Photo Puzzle

Doing a puzzle is a good activity for a rainy day. When the puzzle features a customized photo, it becomes a sentimental gift that your loved one will cherish. Choose a photo that has a lot of meaning for her, and have it made into a customized puzzle that she can put together as a fun activity. When she’s done, she’ll have a beautiful keepsake to frame and hang on a wall, or she can take it apart and put it back together multiple times.

Jewelry Organizer

A jewelry organizer is a practical gift to give your loved one, so she can keep necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry organized. You could even give this gift a memorable touch by hiding a new necklace or other piece of jewelry inside it. When she opens her new organizer, she’ll be pleasantly surprised. For an even more personal touch, consider having an organizer custom-made or monogrammed with her initials.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets offer great ways to curl up and feel snug when unwinding at the end of the day. Give her a weighted blanket that she can use while relaxing on the couch or while she’s in bed for the night. These blankets can help your loved one feel cozier and enjoy a refreshing nap or get a good night’s sleep. Look for a weighted blanket in her favorite color, or go with a blanket that complements her living room or bedroom decor.

Retro Coffee Maker

For a loved one who enjoys a good cup of coffee and vintage decor, consider getting a retro coffee maker. These coffee makers can add visual appeal to her kitchen while also giving her a way to brew a pot of coffee in the morning. Add a mug and some quality coffee to this gift when you give it to her to make it even more charming.

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