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Understanding Relationships: Are You In a Relationship or a Situation?

Check out this How-to video submitted by Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball of Decatur, GA


Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball, relationship guru and the “Love Doctor” tells it like it is about relationships and helps you to understand whether you are in a relationship or a situation.  She also helps women to get their minds right about believing that the man who cheats on someone else won’t cheat on them!

 About Dr. Joyce:
Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball is recognized as a relationship expert, and the Doctor of Hope, affectionately called, “Dr. Joyce—the Love Doctor”.  Dr. Joyce is a talk show host, author, poet, and serves as an expert consultant to TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers.   She co-hosts a monthly relationship segment on Atlanta’s Kiss 104.1-FM.

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  1. Great article! It’s amazing the situations we put ourselves in, isn’t it? Things start off great, they get better, then they get worse…and worse…and worse…until we’re in a situation. I’ve learned how to avoid that nonsense. Now I only invest myself emotionally in people with whom I am confident I would have long-term compatibility.

    How do I know who those people are? I have the conversation described in Hayden Dane’s brief e-book, “I Have One Question.” I’d give the URL, but I don’t want to appear like I’m selling for the guy. That said, he gets it.

    Dane says that long-term compatibility is dependent upon admiration. If you can’t admire in another what he/she admires about himself/herself, then you aren’t likely to have long-term compatibility. The book explains why this is so and describes the conversation to have with another to elicit the information necessary to conclude on your long-term compatibility. Hey, I’d rather have this conversation early on than get infatuated while my date’s on his best behavior only to be heartbroken when the signs of our incompatibility surface.

    Nope, no more situations for me.

  2. Dr. Joyce is an awesome and fearless leader who is not afraid to speak the truth about relationships. She is after all “The Love Doctor.”

  3. PREACH!! PREACH! So true, very good messages! Dr. Joyce has helped me realize that I was in a SITUATION, and not a RELATIONSHIP. There is a BIG difference!

  4. Man the situations I’ve put myself into. I can’t blame anybody but me. Thanks Love Doctor. We need more of this. The truth may hurt sometimes but it will set you free.

  5. Malcolm Quillen says:

    Dr. Joyce broke it down again as she always does. Relationship or Situation. People definitely need to be able to distinguish the difference between a relationship or situation. Thanks for
    enlighting and empowering individuals. You are the greatest.