"Uncover UNTAPPED TALENT in your own workforce and increase employee engagement"As the economy begins to crawl upward, employees are gaining the confidence they lacked to begin looking for new employment opportunities. Employee retention and engagement is more important than ever.

The majority of companies focus all their efforts in this area on their top talent, leaving tens, hundreds, even thousands of other workers unnoticed, undervalued, and untapped.

Dani Monroe seeks to expose this overlooked group and potential goldmine for your bottom line.

In “UNTAPPED TALENT: Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce” , President and Founder of Center Focus International, Inc.(CFI), one of the top global diversity practices in the U.S., Monroe argues the need to focus on senior-level and “B”and”C” employees.

Talent programs have to be developed to bring these critical and overlooked employees into the limelight–to focus on their “untapped” potential. Untapped Talent helps leaders to better understand the pool of traits and skills that they have access to within their own organizations.

“The untapped mostly come from backgrounds that uniquely equip them with experiences that foster nontraditional thinking. When they draw on these experiences in a work environment, they offer fresh, innovative perspectives on organizational challenges. They become ‘tapped talent,’ and their passions and skills not only align but are applied to opportunities. Unlike the untapped, that are often invisible to many, the tapped are positioned to make an impact,” says Monroe.

Identifying and developing this talent pool allows organizations to promote from within, develop a culture that stars and emerging stars want to join, reduce turnover, win the war for talent, and experience the types of lightning strikes that ignite passion and long-term success.

Divided into three sections, Untapped Talent provides foundational ideas about untapped talent: what it is and why it exists. Secondly, Monroe identifies three specifics areas — talent culture, soft skills, and crucible moments – explaining how leaders can directly impact an organization by mining and refining talent. Finally, Untapped Talent looks at the 3 R’s essential in great leaders as it applies to untapped talent — resourcefulness, resilience, and resolve.

Over the course of her 30 year career, Monroe has developed a keen understanding of the relationship diversity, talent, leadership and organization change has to a company’s bottom line.. Untapped Talent culls these experiences and shows managers, leaders, HR professionals, and the general workforce how to recognize talent among their ranks and bring out the special qualities that can help transform individuals, and subsequently the entire organization.

Filled with personal anecdotes, useful “leadership exercises”, and outside stories of those who “tapped” into their talent, Untapped Talent illustrates how increased workforce engagement can be achieved in today’s competitive market.

Dani Monroe is President and Founder of Center Focus International, Inc.(CFI), one of the top global diversity practices in the U.S.  Monroe leads C-suite executives of Fortune 100 companies in global diversity, inclusion and organization effectiveness, favorably impacting their bottom lines, reputations, and business potential.  In addition, Monroe was Senior Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at the Pfizer Corporation.


Monroe holds her master’s degree in organizational development from Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Business. In 2012, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, appointed Monroe to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women.