Join us Friday May 2, 2008 (tomorrow) for two exciting Interviews!

9:30 AM Eastern Time (8:30 Central, 7:30 Mountain, 6:30 Pacific)


Unconventional Wisdom from a Woman with a Vision for an Invention that Sold Millions! An Interview with Tomima Edmark, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Author

Tomima Edmark is the inventor of the wildly successful TopsyTail, a hair accessory for women that she marketed by herself to revenues of $150 million. This extraordinary product earned her instant fame among the nation’s small-business set and put Edmark on an entrepreneurial path that continues today. She has since developed a series of additional consumer products, written several successful books and created a variety of e-commerce Web sites. Along the way, she became known for her entrepreneurship and was featured on television shows and in business publications like Good Morning America, Oprah, Forbes Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

In 1999, Tomima realized there was a gap in the options women had to buy lingerie; our choices were department store, lingerie boutique or mail order. Why shouldn’t we have the same ease buying bras that we had for, say, tee shirts or music? An entrepreneur with a series of unconventional successes, Tomima turned to the internet and HerRoom was born. For Tomima, HerRoom isn’t just about shopping for sexy lingerie. She wants women to find the styles and sizes that fit them best—for all body types and tastes.

With a BFA in Fashion Design and an MBA, she uses her left brain and right brain to understand both the design and business of the women’s lingerie market. Tomina is going to share how she got the idea for TopsyTail, her journey to taking her invention to market and the steps she took to that led to its ultimate success.

1:00 PM Eastern Time (12 Noon Central, 11:00 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific)

 “Your Marketing Message – It’s In Your Hands” with Beth Davis, The Hand Analyst, – “The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business.”


Did you know your life purpose is in your hands? Well, it is!

Once you’ve identified your life purpose, your ‘marketing purpose’ becomes a breeze. Without a clear focus and direction, marketing becomes a difficult, time-consuming task. But it doesn’t have to be that way! And Beth Davis, is going to show you another way.

 Let me tell you about Beth:

As heard on KPFK Radio Los Angeles, NPR, and Radio Europe and in interviews with the Los Angeles Times, Women’s World, Cosmopolitan and many others, Beth is dedicated to bringing the brilliance of hand analysis to you so you can discover that your success literally lies in the palm of your hands! Beth can help you discover your true calling through her inspiring one-on-one hand analysis sessions, Hand Analysis Master Mind, hand analysis training workshops and home-study information products.

Beth also owns a full-time coaching business helping spiritually-oriented entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, healers, artists, speakers and authors create “Life Purpose” centered businesses that are profitable AND purpose-full.

Beth trained as a coach with Coach For Life. She calls hand analysis the “Ultimate Coaching Tool” for helping clients make accelerated progress in their unique business niches.

Be sure to drop by Beth’s web site, to take your Life Purpose to the next level. Beth will show you the path to success – it’s not always what you think!

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