Twelve Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly by Liz Beresford

 Do you have at least one garment in your closet that you never wear because it makes you look fat?  Maybe you take it out and try it on every now and then but it still doesn’t flatter. It doesn’t matter what you weigh you can easily make yourself look fat with the wrong clothes.

Learn these basic camouflage rules and you’ll never make the same mistake again.

1. Avoid anything stiff. A stiff garment forms a square box around you. It doesn’t fall into flattering loose folds but stands out on its own making even skinny people look large. Having a shape is important whatever your size.

2. The same goes for the large tents that we try to camouflage ourselves in. It doesn’t work we just look larger. Shape is needed.

3. Other than in your accessories don’t wear anything shiny. Shiny is great for jewelry, bags, decorative motifs, scarves, but not for a whole garment. Shine reflects the light making you look bigger and showing every curve and bump.

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