Interview with Lisa Marie Platske of Upside Thinking


Here’s an Excerpt:

Leadership is incredibly important in turning your contacts into contracts because leadership, as defined by internationally recognized leadership expert John Maxwell, is “influence, nothing more and nothing less.”

In his book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, the 1st and most important law states that: Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness! Therefore, being an expert in your individual competency isn’t enough to influence others.

However, turning your contacts into contracts is the result of an effective leadership development plan as knowing how to influence others is critical to growing any business.


There are three ingredients to form an authentic connection ~ 1) You have to be authentic. 2) You have to value connecting. 3) You have to be willing to make connections.

There are 3 steps to the first ingredient, being authentic :

• Step #1: Be Willing to Be Yourself!
In business, it’s important to do what you do best in the manner in which only you can do it. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be Yourself…..Everyone else is taken!”

• Step #2:  Be Honest (with Yourself)!

According to research by Kouzes and Posner, the number one leadership quality is honesty. Be honest with where you are, where you need help, and what you can do for others.

• Step #3 – Be Willing to Fail.
It’s not the falling down, it’s the getting back up again.

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