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True Commitment is Grounded in Your Heart

INTRODUCTION: Enjoy this series of Inspirational Tips and Action points by Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist. Each tip is designed to help you crossover into your dream. We will run one tip per week for the months of September and October.

True Commitment is the willingness to feel and accept your current limitations and the feelings they produce AND still embrace your heart’s desire by taking consistent actions to move towards your dream. (Maria Mar)

"Dream Crossover - True Commitment"Food for Thought

Many women believe that they are 100% committed to their dream or purpose, but they try to do this by avoiding, ignoring or denying their limitations, fears of obstacles. The result is that they cannot move forward. What they are trying to avoid sequesters their actions, making them ineffective.

Remember that your subconscious directs about 95% of your responses. It has a powerful magnetic effect in your surroundings. Buried in your subconscious, what you ignore leads your life. Open your eyes to assume your self-direction.

When you are truly committed, you allow yourself to feel and accept your emotions, even those that seem to pull you back. However, you do not indulge them. You follow them to their source, your Core Wounds. Once you do, you find the path to transmute those limitations into tools for mastery.

The secret is to feel your fear and do it anyway. Acknowledge your limitations and keep moving forward, not dragging yourself; but lovingly walking through that limitation, like you guide a child through the dark.

What limitation do you need to acknowledge right now? What feelings are you avoiding? What action –small or big– can you take today that transmutes that limitation and channels that feeling creatively?

Action Points

This exercise may take an hour the first time you do it; but after you practice, you can do this in 15 minutes. I do these shifts now in a minute or so!

1. Write down the limitation that you are experiencing right now that is bugging you the must. Describe it as vividly and exactly as you can.

2. Describe the feelings produce by this limitation. Get up and enact them. Really get into them, using your entire body to express them. Keep moving that energy with your arms, hands, expressions. Express out loud whatever thoughts are running through your mind.

3. As you get into these feelings, bring up your “inner director” and see yourself in detachment. Watch yourself acting out these feelings. Is this person acting a role that was prescribed to her? An old script that she’s being doing for a while? Is she trapped in it?

4. As the energy is spent, come to a quiet place within you and recognize yourself as the writer, director and actor of your life.

5. Write a different script, a different role. In this script, the character you are receives a revelation that transforms her and frees her from her limitation. What would that revelation be?

6. Enact this new twist.

Whenever you hear yourself going into that old emotional script this week, switch scripts.

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