The concept of clothing dates to a prehistoric era when the human species found the intense need to drape their bodies to survive many circumstances like the cold weather, maintain hygiene, safety from insect bites or rough surfaces etc. It is been observed that the style, pattern, texture, material etc. of clothing have evolved immensely through the ages. In the beginning, people use to clad themselves mostly with fabrics that were easily obtained from the lap of Mother Nature. Eventually, it varied with the passage of time.

Evolution of Clothing

"Trendy Women’s Clothing- A Vital Element of Women Fashion"

Initially, clothes were tailored or weaved at home with the use of handloom tools which had intricate designs and patterns that were influenced by the culture and societal beliefs only. *With the advent of technology and introduction of power loom in the clothing industry, the clothing pattern has evolved drastically. With clothing advancing, fashion accessories have as well. You can even enhance your eye colour with contact lenses for green eyes . Among these changes there came a significant change in the field of fabric. Synthetic and other manmade fabrics gained popularity among the organic fabrics. In due course of time, many universities and educational institutions also introduced fashion and designing courses which opened the huge scope of development in the clothing industry. Today, Clothing is turned into most diverse things in the world. Clothing trends change every week, every season and with every occasion. Social media, Television, newspapers and even radio channels are nowadays giving tips on style and trend which can be overwhelming. Despite all these new trends some designs have evolved and have stayed, and they always look stunning.

Here we will discuss some of the designs that women can always pick up with confidence, no matter what trend is in and what is out.

"Trendy Women’s Clothing- A Vital Element of Women Fashion"

Fashion and women

Fashion and women get along seamlessly. A woman always dreams of being the owner of a trendy wardrobe. Every year the women’s clothing fashion changes. Women generally like to keep themselves updated with the latest trendy women’s clothing collection to create style statements. Following are the few hottest trendy women’s clothing designs:

Batwing Tops: The batwing design is spreading like a wildfire in the fashion world in today’s date. Most ladies are seen flaunting this design elegantly. The sleeves of this design aptly resemble the bat’s wings.

Sheer Tops: Another piece of trendy women’s clothing that is getting fashionably infectious. Sheer material is used to define the lower border of the top and also the sleeves.

Peplum Tops: Women choose the peplum design both for tops and dresses. A wavy frill defines the waistline here along with a fitted chest.

Sheath Dress: An evergreen piece of trendy women’s clothing which is adorned by almost all the ladies of the world. It serves as an apt formal dress code which doesn’t require much thought.

Tunic Dress: It is a loosely fitted dress perfect for holidays at the breezy beach. The design is highly influenced by traditional Indian tunics.

Shirt Dress: As the name suggests, this piece gets its uniqueness from the shirt design. The stitching and the cuts resemble a long shirt that can be rightly teamed with a sleek waistband or a belt.

Skater Dress: Skater dress is another trendy style statement in today’s date. It elegantly enhances a woman’s curves and let her appearance bring in freshness. It can be jazzed up with a simple choker.

"Trendy Women’s Clothing- A Vital Element of Women Fashion"

Fashion is a never-ending arena where every season witnesses the arrival of another set of fresh trendy women’s clothing. The creativity is such unique that all the fashionistas go gaga over the latest trends to make exclusive style statements of their own. And of course, why not do so? Fashion happens to create trending statements!


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