Travel…What Do We Do?

Do We Stay or Do We Go?

By Wendy VanHatten

Read your emails, check your Facebook page, turn on TV, and what do you see? Reports about the Coronavirus, COVID-19…some factual, some fearful, and many confusing. It seems everyone has an opinion.

For me, it is a real dilemma. We have a trip planned to Nice, France and then to Provence. Airline tickets, apartment rentals, and events are all purchased. Most can be refunded.

So, why the dilemma?

The trip isn’t until April 27. That is five weeks away. What is going to happen during the next seven weeks, are things going to get worse or better, are there going to be more travel bans, will France turn into the next Italy? When do we have to decide?

I have talked to friends who are travelers, and many say they have the same questions. They tell me they are more vigilant with hand washing and sanitizing. They pay more attention to others who may have sneezed or coughed. They travel smart. Maybe just ultra-aware.

I also have friends who say they will not travel at all until the virus is contained. Completely contained. For me, that is not an option. Traveling has been a way of life. Staying healthy has also been a way of life. That means I will wash my hands a whole lot more than is probably necessary, I will make sure my tray table and arm rest are cleaned with sanitizing wipes, and I will try really hard not to touch my face. All those are a small price to pay for the beauty of travel.

In fact, if I stayed home I would probably wash my hands more than necessary and try not to touch my face. I just wouldn’t be able to enjoy good French wine in France.

But…what about our plans in late April. Do we stay or do we go? Just last night we decided to postpone our trip and travel this fall. In the meantime, I will continue to monitor what is happening with the virus by reading and listening to viable sites. I will not pay attention to the fearful reports.

When we go, we will travel smart. But then, we usually do.

How about you?

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