Ever heard of Torrontes wine? The grape is a native Argentine grape believed to be a hybrid of Muscat of Alexandria and the Mission grape, which was introduced to the New World by Spanish clergy. Over the past decade Torrontés has become the global ambassador for the white wines of Argentina. Think of it as a kind of “White Malbec”. The good news is, like Malbec, Torrontés is usually a reliable value wine, with most bottles running less than fifteen dollars.


The high quality wine, Torrontes Riojano, generally comes the from high-altitude vineyards in Salta, a region at the foot of the Andes in the Cafayate Valley of northern Argentina where vines are planted in the desert at 10,000 feet above sea level.

You should be able to detect scents of fresh citrus, stone fruits, and soft flowers by the bunch…while not overwhelmingly floral. All the scents as well as the tastes should be delicate and refreshing. You will find some acidity and mineral notes on your palette.

These flavors are definitely meant to be experienced while the wine is still young and fresh. No need to hold this one back. One quote from celebrated Argentine winemaker Graciela Reta  I love; “Torrontés should smell like flowers from the garden, not the graveyard.”

Torrontes wines are excellent, easy drinking wines for summer. And, yet even though warm weather might be winding down a little, they are still nice as an aperitif or as a starter.