I was going to write about holiday marketing and then thought better of it.

You see there are already so many great ideas out there, I decided to do a “Google alert” for holiday marketing ideas and found ten articles to share on WE Magazine for Women as well as TWEET about them.

So here are excerpts of the top ten holiday marketing articles on the net for 2009 with a link to read each article in their entirety:

More Than Half Turn to Facebook, Twitter. But Is It Working for Them?
Retailers are embracing social media like never before this holiday season. More than half are including it in their marketing strategies, up drastically from only 4% in 2007, according to a new survey out from BDO Seidman. Of those who reported plans to use social media, 76% are focusing on Facebook, 50% on Twitter, 14% on MySpace and 14% on YouTube. Ten percent said they expected to utilize each of those outlets. To read the rest of the article, visit: http://bit.ly/6Jz9P7

`The 12 tweets of Christmas’ – when holiday marketing goes viral
Thrifty consumers trying to do their holiday shopping on a budget are being targeted this year, more than ever before, by viral marketing through social- media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, as businesses try to find new ways to connect with customers.

Sports retailer Golf Town, for example, has launched what the company calls its “most aggressive social media initiative to date” for the holiday season: the “12 Tweets of Christmas” campaign, featuring a dozen exclusive deals for its online followers on the micro-blogging website Twitter in the lead-up to Dec. 25.
Read the rest of this article here: http://bit.ly/6e3QnH

Share Don’t be naughty – be relevant this Xmas!
The Team thinks we need to sing this jingle one more time…not because you begged for more, but because we think “relevance” is extremely important, but the topic can be a bit abstract and therefore easily dismissed. So what is “relevant” content?

We think it means information “pertaining to” or “applicable to” or (my favorite) “useful” to the recipient. For example, using your email analytics and behavioral stats to customize product offers, messages, template designs and conversational style to appeal to certain audience segments. In other words, the complete opposite of the “batch and blast” or “spray n’ pray” type emails of the early days, right? For the rest of the article, visit: http://bit.ly/4osY1l

A Fresh Approach To Holiday Marketing: Creative Suggestions To Help Avoid Common Holiday Marketing Mistakes
Tis’ the season to creatively promote skincare! Well into the early fall, most salons and retailers start to get ready for the holiday season. They ramp up inventory, consider hiring more staff and plan special deals and marketing for the biggest selling season of the year. Once it comes time to start making the important marketing decisions that attract shoppers and clientele, all too often the busy season can force marketing to the back burner. The ideas were there in the beginning; however, the hustle and bustle of clientele and holiday appointments can get you off track. You need to have a good idea as to what salon promotions will work – and with which clients. Read more here: http://bit.ly/62pUE3

4 New Holiday Sales Ideas For This Year
Tweet Your Way to Successful Holiday Sales ~ Is your small business on Twitter? It should be. Twitter is fast becoming one of the hottest marketing tools for big or small business. Forming a new account is free and simple. All you need to do is gather your followers and “tweet” your business specials in 140 characters or less.

Even office supply giant, Staples, has published that they will begin tweeting about their holiday sales promotions, particularly right after Thanksgiving. Their hope is that customers who want to avoid crowds on Black Friday and prefer cyber shopping will sign on and get the best deals on the internet. Why not publish your holiday specials for your loyal online followers as well? The other 3 ideas can be found at: http://bit.ly/73DpPy

5 Easy and Effective Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Business
Give your ezine list a gift. Your ‘pot of gold’ in your business in your email list of potential clients and customers. You should always be treating them well, but at least once a year, offer them a gift – no strings attached – just because…
This year, I’ll be offering my second annual 12 Days of Christmas series to my ezine subscribers, where they will receive something of value that will benefit them in building their business once a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. The other 4 ideas can be found here:  http://bit.ly/6G85na

12 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for the Ho-Ho-Ho-lidays!
Dress up your website or blog logo like Google.  Do it not just for the Year-end Holiday season – but for EVERY holiday that comes a long. This idea is not only easy, but fun and will bring a smile to your web and blog visitors’ faces. If you don’t have a designer of your own – use go here and have them do a series of logos with fun holiday flair. Do you use Twitter.com, the social media site? Then take it one step further, and decorate your Twitter background, too. Go to TwitterBacks, download the specs or existing backgrounds, customize one with your own design. Then submit it to the TwitterBacks gallery of Twitter backgrounds, giving you a little extra marketing visibility. To read the other 11 ideas visit:  http://bit.ly/7iozjf

5 Holiday Marketing Tips to Beat a Slow Season
Cater to Last-Minute Shoppers ~ Every holiday season, I buy at least a few savings bonds as gifts.
Even though it takes weeks for the bonds to actually be mailed, when I buy them, I get a little voucher that says “You’ve been given a $____ savings bond from ______” and talks about what a great gift this is, etc. I take that voucher, put it in a card and presto! I have something to put under the Christmas tree.
If you give late shoppers something they can hand to their loved ones on the big day, they may buy from you up to the last minute, even if your product itself won’t get there in time. A printable voucher/card/certificate is an easy way to do this. Read the other 4 ideas at:  http://bit.ly/8uXSu8

Marketing Ideas to Make the Most of the Holiday Season
Just by mixing and mingling at holiday events, you will raise “Top-of-Mind Awareness” about yourself. However, remember that cocktail parties can also get you into trouble. There are some guidelines to abide by that will save you from a headache the morning after. First and foremost, limit yourself to two drinks. This will keep the dreaded loose tongue from rearing its ugly head. Also remember it is better to be the first to leave rather than the last to leave.  More ideas can be found at:  http://bit.ly/8C7ofV

The 12 Days of Christmas for Smart Small Business Owners
As a small business owner, have you given any thought to what the tradition of gift giving can do for your business? With the countdown to Christmas underway, do you have a plan to utilize this festive holiday season to promote your business and maximize your success? Well, here’s an effective, easy-to-implement twelve-day plan that will guarantee you have something special to offer all month long. Read those 12 days here: http://bit.ly/5Axd7I

More great holiday gift-giving articles and ideas can be found in  our new Holiday Gift-giving Guide at http://bit.ly/1Z6LSF