"Top 7 Makeup Must Haves for College Girls"Girls want to look gorgeous all the time – constantly, 24/7, 365 days a year. And they especially want to look beautiful when they have to go to places where they’re bound to meet more people. College is one such place.

One would say that students attend college to study and fulfill their ambitions. But one cannot deny that in modern times, the college has become a place where being fashionable is as (if not more) important as getting a degree.

Makeup for college-going girls needs to be quick and hassle-free. It also helps if it is long-lasting. Balance is the key because you want it to be age-appropriate to retain your girlish charm and not come across as someone desperately trying to fit in.

You want to look naturally pretty, and achieving that is no mean task, especially when your mornings are rushed with you trying to figure out what to use and what stays back in your makeup drawer.

Taking a cue from that, I would say first-off you need to unclutter that drawer and keep only the necessary items. I’m sure doing this will help you save a lot of time every morning.

Mentioned ahead are a few makeup essentials for every college girl.

1. Corrective Concealer
Being in college isn’t easy. With all those late nights of studying (and partying!) and waking up early in the morning to attend classes, you’re bound to get dark circles under your eyes. The pimples and the marks on the face are other worrisome factors.

But there is a quick fix to this, and the answer lies in the wonder product called corrective concealer. It is different from your regular concealer because it has an orangish/yellowish tinge to it that works well in hiding your dark circles and blemishes.

Make sure you pick one that is high in quality. If you’re not sure of the results and don’t want to spend much in experimenting with it, look online for freebies or samples of this product and give it a try before buying a bigger bottle.

2. Tinted Moisturizer
Many teenaged girls tend to have an uneven complexion, but a good tinted moisturizer can help in such cases. Tinted moisturizers differ from conventional moisturizers, with the latter only hydrating your skin. Some moisturizers come with built-in SPF, which protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

A tinted moisturizer, on the other hand, is perfect for those wanting to even out their complexion. Just slather it on your face and smooth it out, especially around your problem areas for a skin tone that is near-perfect and shiny (in a good way). Go for one with a high SPF so that you get sun protection as well as light coverage.

"Top 7 Makeup Must Haves for College Girls"3. Blush
This easy-to-carry and convenient-to-use product is the go-to beauty aid if you want to make a huge difference in the way you look with minimum time in hand. Go for lighter shades of pink, peach, or brown as these are the best colors for use during the daytime. Also opt for matte shades rather than glossy ones.

Using it is so simple. Just dab a brush in the blush, blow on the bristles lightly to get rid of the loose powder, and gently sweep it across your cheekbones. A good quality blush adds a touch of radiance and natural glow to your face instantly.

4"Top 7 Makeup Must Haves for College Girls". Eye Shadow
Use an eye shadow to make your eyes come alive in a jiffy, especially on days when you think your eyes look puffy or your face looks tired. All you need to do is sweep it over your eyelids with a small brush or your ring finger and blend it with your skin for a natural, yet magical effect. Choose in mattes or in shimmer; both look equally good and are suitable for daytime wear.

What you need to think over is the shade you choose. Keep it light during the day with shades like brown, pink, peach, or nude. Save the darker shades for evenings to add an element of drama to your eyes.

*You must also try coloured contact lenses  that will match your eye makeup.

5. Mascara"Top 7 Makeup Must Haves for College Girls"
Using mascara is your ticket to getting those enviable thick, long, curly, and lush lashes that you’ve always dreamed of. This miracle product can instantly open up tired eyes and give them a subtle definition, which makes them appear bigger.

Be careful while buying mascara though. It can be quite expensive and usually comes with a short shelf-life. Ensure you check the expiry date before buying one.

6. Eyeliner
If you want to add definition to your eyes and contour them , a good eyeliner is a must-have. Although some people prefer not wearing it during the day, there are many who will wear it and swear by the effect it creates to uplift their appearance.

If you want to save time, I suggest you invest in pencil liners as they facilitate faster and easier application compared to liquid ones. And of course, you can experiment all you want with them as they are available in various colors like black, brown, blue, green, purple, and even red.

"Top 7 Makeup Must Haves for College Girls"7. Tinted Lip Balm
Dry lips never look good. Lips need to look full, lustrous and supple. A great way of adding color to your face is through your lips. I would recommend using a tinted lip balm for some hue as well as sheen. Lip balms are lighter and less greasy than lipsticks and lip gloss, but give the same kind of effect. They also make you young.

As long as you do not overdo it, makeup should help you highlight your best features and get you only compliments. College years are the best time to experiment with makeup and create different looks. Make sure you have the basics in place, and use good quality makeup with the right application techniques. That should hold you in good stead and make heads turn in your direction.



About the Author: Korie Cantor has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in health and beauty. She loves sharing her opinions on the latest issues affecting women.


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