Blogging is on the rise today: it’s extremely easy to launch a website and load it with content on any subject. Various platforms like WordPress offer powerful tools for bloggers who want to share their ideas.

There are dozens of ratings, but only a few of them feature blogs by women. There is still a stereotype that articles targeted at the female audience are limited to fashion, cooking, or parenting topics. To fill the gap, we have reviewed the most unusual and useful blogs.

1. Lynn Terry

ClickNewz! is a powerful and comprehensive blog which covers a number of topics simultaneously. Lynn reveals marketing strategies, the secrets of powerful writing and traffic management, technical challenges, etc. Reviews of products and services should be useful as well.

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2. Katie Wager

Katie’s deep analysis of gambling proves that girls can be successful in any industry. We especially like articles about innovative approaches like blockchain applied to casinos’ development. The blog is available on .

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3. Samantha Moeller

Samantha’s The Hipster Mom discloses topics about parenting and family in an unexpected manner. The author describes all the stuff which she considers unsuitable for regular life. Samantha stopped blogging in 2013, but there are lots of interesting posts to explore.

4. Kate McCulley

Traveling is one of the most popular blogging themes. But Adventurous Kate offers a fresh look at trips. At the age of 26, Kate quit her job to explore the world alone. Having visited 77 countries, she reveals useful tips on how to keep safe in solo travels if you’re a woman.

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5. Ariel Meadow Stallings

Forget about old-fashioned typical wedding blogs: Offbeat Bride is aimed to help independent couples in turning their wedding days into pure magic. Ariel writes about unusual celebrations and delivers valuable advice on the DIY approach.

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6. Lisa Sharp

The blog’s name Retro Housewife Goes Green speaks for itself. Lisa is a housewife who loves vintage and adopts an eco-friendly lifestyle. Her stories will be useful for women who share similar ideas. There’s also a Shop section with planners and guidebooks.

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7. Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman is a wholesome blog about cooking, parenting, training animals, and doing other daily things. The key element is that Ree lives on a real ranch. This blog features wonderful design and cool photos: it will certainly grasp your attention with rich visuals.

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8. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

If you’re tired of traditional female topics, meet The Glowing Edge , a blog created by a competitive boxer, coach, and referee. Lisa writes comprehensive articles for both professional boxers and those who are interested to try. On the site, you can also find texts about leisure, music, and Lisa’s pets.

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9. Elizabeth Archibald

Elizabeth is a history professor in the Johns Hopkins University and the author of Ask the Past blog. She knows a lot about ancient books and highlights the most insane ideas taken from them. It is a very unusual and funny blog created with a dedication to literature and absurd advice.

Noteworthy posts:

10. Donna Yates

Here’s a microblog on Twitter called Lego Academics . The story begins in 2013, when Ellen Kooijman has designed a LEGO set dedicated to the greatest women in science. In 2014, Donna Yates, an archaeologist from Glasgow, purchased the first set. Now, she uses LEGO people to recreate scenes from her life and research. Explore her Twitter to enjoy all of the pictures: scenes with dinosaurs, fossils, and alcohol are especially amusing.

The best reads for women

We live in a time when bloggers can be quite influential and anybody can create a website to share their thoughts with the world. The Internet is overcrowded with various posts, but there are some that stand out, offering a new approach to traditional things or creating a completely new niche. It’s a pity that there are only a few blog rankings dedicated to women, while there are so many creative ones introducing their ideas to the community. You can start exploring unusual and unique blogs by women with the examples we’ve provided. Solo travels, gaming innovations, amateur boxing, or ancient literature: there are dozens of noteworthy websites on any imaginable topic.


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