By Gina Rafkind

When you see or hear the word ‘attractive’, I bet the first thing you think of are physical characteristics. Am I right? When you read the title of this article did you think of physical appearance? Well, I wrote this article to have you think outside the box and a bit deeper about what the word ‘attractive’ really means. I challenge you to implement the Top 10 Tips below and watch how people start to flock to you and it will not be because your hair is perfect and your body is gorgeous. It will be because your inner beauty is shining through.

1.Actually Listen: Look right at the eyes of the person talking to you and focus on them. Do not think about what you are going to wear on your date tonight.

2.Actually Let Them Finish What They Are Saying: Stop the urge to butt in and tell the person talking what you think before they are finished which brings me to my next tip…

3.Do Not Give Your Opinion Unless You Are Asked: Most of the time people just want to be heard. If you say you will listen, then listen and do not give advice unless they ask you for it.

4.Do Not Judge: You never know what other people are going through or experiencing in their life unless they tell you.

5.Do Not Try To Prove Others Wrong: Even if you are right. People have different opinions and yours may be right for you and theirs may be right for them-leave it at that. If you keep trying to prove your point, you cause yourself suffering and that is insane. As Eckhart Tolle, author of The New Earth stated, “Would you rather be right or at peace?”

6.Do Not Brag: This only enhances your ego. Resist this urge and you will see how much more empowering it is!

7.Do Not Tell Anyone What They Should Do: Everyone is on their own, unique, different path. You are on your own path so why should someone else be following yours?

8.Have No Expectations: If you do not have any expectations of others, then you will suffer less and you, as well as the other people you interact with, will feel more freedom.

9.Do Not React: If you allow others to ‘Be’ and not react to their actions or words, you will be in a state of peace and calm (which is very attractive!)

10.P.I.I.P: Put it in perspective. Do not sweat the small stuff. Is what you are stressing over really going to matter a year from now? Or even in a month or week? Probably not.

Start implementing these 10 tips today to experience more peace and joy in your life.

Gina Rafkind is the owner and founder of VedaSun; a company whose mission is to be your Aromatherapy Luminary and inspire you to Break Out and unleash your vibrant inner being by enhancing your awareness practice of using your senses as a pathway to presence.

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