Nowadays we are leading such a busy way of life that we often forget about the importance of the vital healthy food. Of course, it’s much faster to buy junk food that is sold at every corner and fool ourselves that things are going to change and from tomorrow on we are going to eat healthy and vital food. However, “tomorrow” never comes and we fail in finding an open pocket of time to prepare some really good food.

"Top 10 Healthy Cleansing Foods"

As the time passes, the impact of the junk food on your body, becomes evident. Not only the overweight but the health problems in general so going on a cleansing diet turns out to be one of your top priorities.
Everyone, used to eating junk food ask the same question: “What I have to eat now in order to detox my body”? Here are the ten foods that can help you improve your health and hopefully change your eating habits.

  1. Artichokes- deserves the first place in our list as probably the best cleansing food, thought to contain the antioxidant known as “affeoylquinic acids”. The atrichokes helps losing weight and prevent some liver diseases.
  2. When you hear a “powerful antioxidant” the first thing that has to come up to your mind is Broccoli. Eating cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower during your cleansing course is obligatory, not to mention that those veggies fight particular kinds of cancer.
  3. In case the unhealthy way of life had brought about liver problems onion and garlic is the best solution. Plus they have anti-bacterial properties and it is proven that they enhance the immune system as well.
  4. Meat
    Some people would regard the cleansing diet as a burden due to the lack of meat. Despite your efforts, eating veggies only and and having a constant feeling of hunger can make even the most persistent of you, give up. So feel free to treat yourself every now and then by eating water-packed fish or organic chicken. Just remember to prepare the meat sensibly, in other words it should be boiled, not fried.
  5. Drink as much water as you can. It will help you take the toxins out of your body and improve the state of your body as a whole. If you don’t like the idea very much, the green tea is also an option.
  6. lemons
    your body needs tons of vitamins to recover and the lemons contain the highest percentage of vitamin C compared to the other citruses.
  7. Beets- every vegetarian restaurant has the borscht soup in the menu as it is not only low-calorie meal but also purifies the blood.
  8. Apples- their positive impact on the health is undisputed. Apples are the best cholesterol-cleaners so including them in a cleansing diet is recommended.
  9. Tomatoes- they are not only high in substances that prevent cancers but they improve the immune system as well. Plus, tomatoes are delicious food that doesn’t need any special preparation.
  10. If you want your skin to be spotless, sweet potatoes can do an amazing job. Needless to say they contain the crucial vitamin E as well as beta carotene.

Changing your eating habits is the first step to leading a healthier and happier life. Just try it and you will be amazed by the results.

Author Bio: Working for Clean to Perfection, Connie has a busy schedule but always finds a way to eat healthy food and do some sport like jogging, swimming or tennis.


Photo credit: Flickr