Most people plan for a designer and luxurious bathroom, but the budget issue hinders their plans. Therefore, we have created a blog, following it let you no more postpone your plans to remodel your washroom. Most importantly, hefty price tags of accessories won’t affect your monthly budget plans. So, just go ahead with these high-end look tricks.

Stylish Blinds

Window plays an important role in bathroom ambiance and creates a private feel. Therefore, adding stylish blinds in the bathroom helps to enhance your bathroom appearance. Stylish does not mean paying a lot for blinds. You can check on the internet or in nearby area sales. As the bathroom area is always limited, therefore it will not drain your pocket. You can also choose roller blinds as a simple and smart option, it will provide shade and privacy. 

Install electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is a perfect addition to enhance your bathroom ambiance. Still, a question strikes your mind: can you put an electric fireplace in a bathroom? The answer is why not. There are plenty of reasons motivating you to install electric fireplaces over gas or wood-burning fireplaces. The first is its budget-friendly nature. It will save running expenses than gas or wood-burning fireplaces. The best part is that you can port it to any part of your house. Amazing designs and control on heat work as icing on the cake. 

Upgrade knobs and pulls

When you are not willing to spend much on custom vanity, there is an economical solution for it too. All you need to do is replace the knobs and pulls with a unique design. Just visit the nearby hardware store and choose the right option for your bathroom. If you want to save more pennies, you can also replace the handles on your own. 

Color the Grout

If your washroom tiles still look fine and you do not want to replace them. There is another affordable option for a bathroom upgrade i.e grout color. Changing grout color takes a few bucks but improves your bathroom appearance. For instance, if your bathroom contains black tiles then add white grout to create dark and light shade combinations. You can also add gray grout to white tiles and see the magical effect. 

Give a Nature Touch

To go with green creates a healthy environment in bathroom settings. Therefore, do not forget to add a few indoor plants in your bathroom and flourish the atmosphere. There is another advantage of adding greenery in the bathroom is that it helps to control humidity level, lower light, and maintain temperature. Moreover, it brings color, personality, and energy to the bathroom. 

Upgrade your shower head

The shower is among the main details of the bathroom. If it seems outdated, it can ruin the appearance of your bathroom. So, replacing it with a new one rather than making experiments will be a better option. An upgraded shower head enhances the rainfall experience when you take a spa. 


Adding these details to your bathroom helps to enhance its appearance. Again, add stylish blinds, install an electric fireplace, upgrade knobs and pulls and bring some plants from garden to bathroom. Coloring the grout and upgrading the shower are other essential details.

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