What do you do if prom night is around the corner and you don’t have a pretty dress to wear? Every girl wants to look elegant on prom night with a magical dress. What better way can the girls achieve that dream than to get custom prom dresses? Buying tailored attire will not only fit you perfectly, but you will also get to wear your dream dress. 

Most young women have no idea what to consider or where to start looking for a customized dress. Apart from choosing favorite hues, there are several other factors to consider when shopping physically or in online stores.

Read on to get insightful tips and ideas about getting custom prom dresses.

When choosing the perfect fit, you must weigh the pros and cons of buying a tailored dress versus a ready-made one. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of customized dresses:


  • Personal design

The idea is to design your dress from scratch with your tailor to achieve your dream attire. If it is an online store, you can describe what you want in detail, right from the fabric to the design idea.

  • Unique

Getting a customized dress means you will express a personal and unique style that no one has seen before. Buying mass-produced dresses will leave you with a common look because the dresses will be all over the event.

  • Perfect fit

If you want a perfect, flattering look, get a customized dress from a physical store if you can. The expert tailor takes your exact measurements and sews your dress according to the specifications. 

  • Saves time

Instead of running around searching for a prom dress, you can opt to a tailor and save your time. The tailor will issue a specified period to deliver the dress; thus, you will not spend time fitting dresses all over town.


  • Cost

Custom prom dresses can be quite costly for high school girls, which is a huge discouragement. Since tailored garments use high-quality fabrics, the tailor can charge more to design and stitch an original piece.

  • Time 

It is also a downside since you can encounter unforeseeable issues such as multiple fittings before you are satisfied. Thus, you need adequate planning if you decide to make a customized design. 

Since buying a tailored prom dress requires planning, you have to look for a professional tailor weeks before the prom event. You also need to think about the cost and how you will finance the payment. Below are other aspects that you have to consider when getting a customized prom dress:   

  • Size

Do you want a perfect fit? Make sure the tailor takes your exact measurements to come up with a fitting dress. The fitting should be comfortable; not too tight or too loose. You have to move around with ease and comfort during the event.

  • Color

Identify a color that balances your skin tone and brings out your individuality. Since it is a special night, you can pick a favorite hue that brightens your personality.    

  • Cost

Make sure you shop around for affordable rates around different stores. Getting a custom made dress is not cheap. Therefore, make plans and get one that suits your budget.

  • Design 

If you already have a design in mind, talk to your tailor and describe it in detail by sketching and discussing your expectations. But if you have no design ideas, the tailor can take you through and recommend some of their designs.

  • Fabric

Expert fashion designers use top-quality fabrics to make customized dresses. That is why they last longer than ready-made clothes. Therefore, consider the type of fabric you want or let the tailor choose the best materials.

  • Length 

Do you want a mini, knee-length, or maxi dress? Consider your preference and what makes you comfortable.

  • Time

Identify a tailor weeks before the prom event to give you adequate time to get your custom made dream dress. 

  • Accessories 

If you order your dress early, you will get time to pick the perfect accessories. Buy comfortable prom shoes; whether you opt for flats or high heels, it is a personal choice. Other essential accessories include jewelry, handbags, statement necklaces, and additional matching pieces.

Prom night is a magical night for high school girls because it comes once. It marks the beginning of adulthood for every young girl. Therefore, the night has to be special with an elegant dress and matching accessories that exude sophistication. Take your time and choose the perfect custom made prom dress that will leave a statement.


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