Wearing jewelry makes a woman feel beautiful and confident. The right pieces accessorize your outfits perfectly and get you all the attention you deserve. But before you start buying them for building your jewelry collection, you need to know that there are some timeless that you can wear for a lifetime and pass on to the next generations. They are in trend today and will be in vogue forever. Also, these are amazingly versatile so that you can wear them anywhere and with any outfit without thinking twice. Surely, these are the most incredible pieces that are worth their value. Let us list some timeless jewelry styles that every woman must own.

A pearl necklace

A sleek and simple string of pearls is a must-have piece for every woman. It works casually and for formal occasions as well, so you can wear it to work and party with equal aplomb. Such is the timeless appeal of this piece that it always finds a spot in the fashion magazines and on the runways. Pair it with your favorite pair of pearl earrings and you are all set to look like a diva.

A gold chain necklace

Another piece that is absolutely essential is a gold chain necklace. You can settle for any length depending on your preference and budget. A short one complements plunging necklines while a longer chain can be worn over tops with high necklines. In any case, it adds elegance and sophistication to even the simplest outfits. The best part is that you can layer it up with other necklaces or add a pendant in it for a regal touch.

Diamond studs

No jewelry collection is complete without a pair of diamond studs because this is an accessory that carries you anywhere. You can settle for lab-created diamonds if budget is a concern. Although these are not natural, they are as good as genuine diamonds but come at a fraction of price. Opting for simple cuts like classic round and square shapes is a good idea because they can be worn anytime and anywhere.

Statement ring

Although you will surely wear your engagement or wedding ring all the time, a statement ring is essential to grab attention. Typically bold and dramatic in design, these rings tend to use colored stones along with diamonds. You can even get a statement style Engagement Rings in Dallas by getting them custom made. Apart from statement rings, you can consider picking a few bands that can be stacked together to create a classy look.

Anything personalized 

Apart from the staples in jewelry, every woman should own a few personalized pieces that replicate their unique style. It could be a statement bracelet, an alphabet pendant or a birthstone ring. With personalized pieces, there is a jewelry etiquette you must follow but they can surely define your style. You can get a custom piece made to order from your jeweler or pick something that matches your personality. 

When you pick these staples for your collection, invest in quality because you would want to wear them year after year. Timeless jewelry is as much an investment as it is aesthetic value, so pick only the best brands that assure premium quality. 

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