"the Noisemakers Book Cover"Expert Reveals How ‘Noisemakers’ Derail Investment Markets

In the classic comedy Trading Places, two brokers explain to a homeless man, played by Eddie Murphy, how they buy and sell securities for their clients. The kicker of the explanation was that no matter if their clients made money, the brokers still got paid a commission.

So, you guys are just a couple of bookies,” replied Murphy’s character.

Steve Orr, president and owner of the registered investment advisor Orr Financial Group, has a greater understanding of the financial marketplace than Murphy’s character, however, he believes the punch line of the joke was actually right on the money.

The financial markets, and the people who run them, are in the biggest racket on the planet,” said Orr, also author of the book The Noisemakers (www.thenoisemakersbook.com). “Just like bookies, they have no real vested interest whether people make money or lose money. All they do is serve a system which is broken, without any care for trying to fix it.

As a registered investment advisor, however, Orr still believes that people can still find ways to safely invest and earn money. He simply understands that the only way to navigate the shark infested waters is to understand that there are sharks in there before you dive in with raw steaks strapped to your swim trunks. Orr’s three ways to navigate the broken financial system include:

• Understand The Government – Government is a system of gates controlled by people who are susceptible to corruption and influence by those who want to gain access to the government to get its money. Remember, the government doesn’t really have any money that WE didn’t give them through taxes, so the people using government for their personal gain aren’t doing it on “the government’s” dime. They’re doing it on ours. When the politicians promote laws to try to protect us, all they’re really doing is protecting their access to those gates.

• Don’t Listen to the Noisemakers – Who are the Noisemakers? They are neither liberals nor conservatives, neither Democrat nor Republican. They are sly foxes dressed as Chicken Littles, who make noise to distract you from the ridiculously obvious. They thrive on crises, and will declare how committed they are to fixing the problem, when in fact they have no intention of doing so. They coin phrases like “too big to fail” and “bail-out” as a way to keep the distractions high, so they can continue picking our pockets because we’re too busy waiting for the sky to fall to notice.

• Recognize the Obvious – There is no quick scheme that circumvents hard work, thoughtful research and well-considered decisions. If you’re trying to lose weight, there’s really no effective way to do it that doesn’t include eating healthy and getting some exercise. The same thing is true with the financial markets. If you research, use independent sources, compare your options in a fair measuring system, consult trustworthy people who have a vested interest in your success and make careful choices, you will decrease the chances of failure. Keep in mind, the financial system isn’t broken because of a bunch of computers that don’t work right. It’s broken because of the human beings who run it, so if you don’t watch your own step, no one will watch it for you.

The weakest point of any system is the people who run it,” Orr added. “A nation of people willing to sacrifice one another for short-term financial or political gains will not stand. I believe that we are a nation of good people, who can and will make choices in their own lives to be self-disciplined and actively participate in their government. The key to helping these people thrives is to root out the noisemakers and call them out for the false prophets that they are, so we can continue our grand experiment in self-government and self-determination.”

Steve Orr is the president and owner of Orr Financial Group, a full service Registered Investment Advisor located in Victoria, Texas. Victoria is located in the center of the Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, southeast gulf triangle of Texas. Steve has been in the financial industry since 1986 and has been independent since 1994.