… for a Tough Economy by Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Marketing Coach

John F. Kennedy’s statement ”A rising tide lifts all boats” perfectly describes the boom years of the economy. Throughout the ’00s you really didn’t have to do much to have an OK business. But what about in today’s receding tide? Fortunately the recession won’t take all boats down with it — only the leaky ones. Use attraction marketing to build your business, especially in tough times. Start with these three strategies.

#1 – Communicate with your customers more.

Contact everyone on your email list once a week at least. Remember, though, it’s not only about selling. Customers find value in tips, useful information, articles etc. Sometimes business owners worry about sending too many emails – they are afraid people will leave their list. If your messages have value, people like to hear from you. Except for those who most likely would never have bought. Frequent email contact actually strengthens your attraction marketing.

Postcards are also a great strategy if you have physical addresses. Mail one every 4-8 weeks. Use postcards to promote a special offer each time. Perhaps a customer appreciation sale or a personal consultation with you. Postcards can direct customers to your website where they can view a video or download a special report.

Set up a regular schedule for Facebook and Twitter. I recommend one Facebook post and 1 Tweet a day to start. Sometimes it’s confusing to begin social networking. Get your bearings by creating accounts and then simply watching for a while. Remember the #1 rule of social networking: it’s not about sales, it’s about relationship. Soon you’ll be comfortable with it.

If you don’t have a mailing list, now is the time to start. The list is one of the top assets of any small business. Without a list, you can’t maintain a growth strategy through attraction marketing. Wondering how to start? Writing articles – just like this one – is an excellent list-building tactic.

#2 – Add more value. Instead of offering the same old stuff, innovate. Look for ways to shake things up in all your services and products.

Are you a coach? Add information products and teleclasses. Do you sell a product? Complement it with coaching and training support. Are you a service business, such as a hair salon or a pet-sitter? Offer something extra like a newsletter or a tip sheet. Look for small but consistent ways to stand out from the crowd. Standing out in a positive way makes your business extremely attractive to customers in any economy.

Team up with other businesses for mutual leverage. Think of the neighborhood wine shop creating a wine-tasting evening with cheese and crackers from the gourmet food store around the corner. Or take a gallery that sells artwork – like the one my life partner owns. He sells custom framing that’s outsourced to a framer a few miles away.

Online businesses can also use leverage. I created an audio set on Law of Attraction marketing from a series of interviews with other attraction marketing experts. It only took 6 interviews to create a product. Everyone who participated in the interviews promoted the product to our mailing lists. Talk about the power of leverage! Make a list of experts you could interview to create a valuable collection of interviews your customers would want to own.

#3 – Add personality to your promotions! One of the great benefits of owning a small business is you don’t have to act like an impersonal corporation. Thank goodness! Be quirky (but business-like). Let people know your favorite charity is the local animal shelter or that you love to restore antique furniture or take your Honda Gold Wing out on the open road. Talk about your home town, your kids, your vacation, your parakeet.

Always let customers know why you created your business. Express your passion for it. Also create signature stories – and don’t be afraid to repeat them. Stories have tremendous power to attract people. Especially in hard times, people want to do business with with friends. Express yourself.

Tips: 1) Respect the line between being open and over-revealing your personal life. 2) Stay away from political, religious or other viewpoints that might create controversy. 3) Use personality in moderation – think of it as a side dish or condiment. Keep the attention of your customers squarely on the main course: your business.

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