"kimberly west"Kimberly West is the CEO & Founder of Allow Your Spirit to Soar, Inc. in Lighthouse Point, FL

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Allow Your Spirit to Soar.

To know me today most would think I have always been a fearless woman, living my life with passion and purpose. But it wasn’t always this way for me. I worked my way up the ranks in Corporate America, as well as running my own successful marketing firms since 2001. However it wasn’t until that fateful day on September 17 2006, while in the middle of a panic attack I watched “The Secret” that started this amazing Journey.

Then on 11-11, 2009 I had the Allow Your Spirit to Soar Vision! By taking a HUGE leap of faith and putting my marketing company on hold, I devoted my full attention to create the very first Allow Your Spirit to Soar Conference on January 24th of 2010 which happened to be my birthday. The first of many conferences was an incredible success! The upcoming conference and all future LIVE seminars, tele-conferences, spiritual partner programs are based around the first of many books titled…Allow Your Spirit to Soar! No more Fear. No more Pain. No more Resentment. NO MORE! which is due to be released at the Conference and Book Launch on 1-22-11

What do you enjoy most about your profession and why did you choose it in the first place?

I have devised the ALLOW System© which I use every day and I want to teach it to the world! Accept Your Past. The Key is Forgiveness. Let Go & Let God (or whoever you choose to call your Higher Power; Live Your Life IN Light, Love & a Whole Lot of Laughter; Overcome the PPoT© (Person, Place or Thing) standing in the Way to YOUR Greatness, then Welcome Your New Life’s Journey, Thoughts and Way of Being! She continues; “Once you put this system into practice, your life becomes magical! When you shift your thinking to one of pure positive energy, everything shifts! It really is that simple. It is us “Human Beings” that want to make this thing called Life so complicated.

What was the inspiration for your company/project?

At the writing of this first book, every human being I have met in my lifetime, has or knows someone who has encountered one or more of the same “dark experiences” that I fortunately, encountered in my past.

The first chapter in the book corresponds to those PAST “dark experiences.” I will allow you to see my then, and reveal how I was able to heal myself through solely incorporating “spiritual” tools & resources.

My then starts with being adopted. The wretched “fear of abandonment” haunted me from the day I was born. Then as a child; I was a victim of molestation, followed by a very long bout of drugs and alcohol, then a brutal rape, (which left me for dead), then the depression set in, then a “not-so-good” marriage; then came a diagnosis of ADD and Bi-Polar. All the while, never feeling “good enough” to have or be in any kind of “healthy” relationship…including one with myself.

Despite several suicide attempts, incarcerations for drinking & drugs, many stays at 30 day treatment centers, following the advice given to me by those “other” support groups, psychologists/doctors prescribing “fix Kimberly pills”, and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on the “human” way of trying to “get better” – on September 17, 2006, my “awakening to the light” began; hence this wonderful journey to the now.

Through my own evolution and hard work (I never said it was easy), I now see things so differently. I am able to forgive not only my PAST “experiences”, but more importantly forgive myself, which has finally enabled me to Allow My Spirit to Soar!

Why am I taking this leap of faith and putting myself “out there” for others to see and to possibly be judged?

Because it is time for me to help others heal, by providing them the opportunity to have the same tools and resources that helped me to become so FREE! I so love helping others soar; it truly feeds my soul!

Tell us about your new book and your upcoming event?

Co-Created by a Tribe of 11 Authors for Transformation, Inspiration, Healing, Hope, Peace, Love & Joy!"allow your spirit to soar book by kimberly west"

Tim Kellis

Deborah DeNicola

Erin Currin

Jessica Garcia

Evelyn Ballin

Edward Rodriguez

Suzanne Kovi

Fran Asaro

Sara Doctofsky

Nancy Peña-Brink

While you take the Journey of reading this book or come to our Conference on 1-22-11 I pray you receive a plethora of messages, tools and resources from one or all of us, that you will implement immediately into your own life to truly ALLOW Your Spirit to Soar!

Tell us about the non-profit/charitable/community organizations your company supports?

For this Conference we chose Jolie’s Place, Glorious Being, Hugs & Kisses and SOS Children’s Village

Why did you choose them?

Because of their mission of helping families and children in need.

How do you support them?

I have given each of them a table and a lot of marketing exposure. Plus we are going to give a percentage of the raffle money at the event back to them.

How has your support impacted the organization? You/your company?

I have received nothing in return. It didn’t give to them to get anything in return.

What is the biggest risk you ever took professionally and/or the biggest obstacle you have overcome?

Allowing others to see my past and possibly be judged.

From where do you draw inspiration? Who have been your role models, mentors, etc?

From God & the Amazing Universal Powers in Meditation and UNWAVERING Faith! Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Lao Tzu, Dali Lama & Stuart Wilde

What do you do to keep yourself sharp? What one thing have you done in the past year that has made a significant difference in your life/your business?

I meditate at least 20 times a day and I turn OFF the computer and the phone and go to the ocean to Just Be.

What one thing would you like to learn this year?

How to say no with grace!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Who knows? I only live in the moment even when I am putting on a Conference, attending speaking engagements or launching a book. How do you think I get it all done? YES…by staying in the moment. It’s such a Peaceful yet Powerful way to live.

What do you do for fun/relaxation/entertainment?

Go to the ocean or take walks in nature and hang out with all of my amazing friends!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Just for them to know that they are Love, they are Light and I pray that everyone learns how to Allow their Spirit’s to Soar!

What’s the best way for our readers to connect with you?


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