Trisha Mueller (25) is an Architecture & Design Market Manager with Interiors

Trisha Mueller and Brother at Saint Pattys Day Race

Trisha Mueller and Brother at Saint Patty's Day Race

Tell us about how you chose your career/business and what your responsibilities include?
I actually fell into this business.  I studied fashion in college, earned my degree and went into a full time retail sales position upon graduating.  I was offered a part time job with an independent commercial textile/furniture sales representative during that time and accepted to learn something new.  After about of week of working part time on my days off, I was offered a full time position as an inside sales consultant.
After about a year, I was approached by my current company and asked to develop a new position to target architects and designers in our area.  I accepted because I love the marketing side of sales and enjoy working with people.  I felt it was a natural stepping stone to learn more and grow professionally.  My primary responsibilities include marketing new and existing product, marketing our company, planning all company events, maintaining our website, and developing lasting relationships with architects, designers and industry representatives.  A little bit of everything! 
Tell us about the company you work for ?
Interiors Unlimited is a commercial furniture dealership specializing in furniture, modular walls, modular flooring, conventional and modular electric.  We call on a variety of end users including:  education, hospitality, healthcare, corporate, municipalities, government. 
In addition to working for Interiors Unlimited, I am in the beginning stages of setting up my personal fashion consulting business.  My services include analyzing your closet (weeding out the bad, keeping the good, and filling in the missing), personal shopping, specialized shopping, accessorizing, trend blasts. 

What are some of the most fulfilling projects you have been involved with so far ?
Currently I am involved with IIDA, (International Interior Design Association) as the St. Louis City Center Director.  Although my term has just begun, I have been immersed in a variety of projects including:  our chapter’s biannual design fashion show, Unravel, coordinating a product tradeshow for all manufacturers in our area, webinars for displaced/out of work architects and designers, networking opportunities for students, undergraduate and graduate alike.

Are there any people in your field you would like to meet and/or work with and have not yet had the opportunity?
At this point in my career, I meet someone new and interesting almost everyday.  I could not say there is anyone in specific that I would like to meet.
What are some of your favorite ways to network?
I enjoy happy hours, plane rides/layovers (), I meet with a networking group for lunch to chat and talk about our industry, anything involving IIDA.

Do you have a mentor?
I do have a mentor…my first boss (the independent sales rep from above)!  I believe it was fate that brought us together.  She really pushed my in my first year in the interior design industry and supported and continues to support all of my efforts.  She is the first that I turn to when I have questions/concerns/ideas.
What have you learned from your mentor? What do you hope to learn?
I’ve learned that relationships are the most important and most fundamental element in my career, in my life, in everything.  I’ve learned to work hard and play hard.  To love what I do and if I stop loving, to move on.  She has taught me the in’s and out’s of our industry (and continues to do so).  To keep a positive energy, surround myself with positive people.  To exercise, stay motivated, and motivate others. 

I hope to keep learning from her experience, and to earn the same respect and admiration that she has earned from our clients.

What’s been the most surprising thing that has happened to you so far in your career?
I think my career is surprising in itself!  I had no idea that I’d be working with architects and designers on a day in and day out basis, nor that I would enjoy doing so.  Just goes to show that you never know where life will take you 😉

What do you do for fun/relaxation?
Hang out with friends, read, exercise, shop, bike rides, hikes, travel

Any parting advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?
Read something inspirational, educational or informational for 15 minutes every morning…at the end of the day jot down your goals for the next day (review in the morning), meet as many people as you can and don’t be afraid to experience the new and different (even if it’s uncomfortable at first).  Be real.

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