Interview with Lynn Toomey of Let’s Gogh Art in Lunenburg, MA

Vincent van Gogh once said, “Happiness, it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” 

Let’s Gogh Art is the embodiment of van Gogh’s simple, yet powerful quote. Not only is our name a tribute to van Gogh (so named by the founder’s 5 year old daughter…it’s true kids have the most creative brainpower), we’re a “mobile” (as in “gogh”) creative enrichment service provider. This means we “create some fun” with kids, families and adults…everywhere we “gogh. We use art as a basis for our educational and entertaining programs.

Let’s Gogh Art brings unique art classes, birthday parties, corporate and group events to any venue. We’ve created some fun with more than 25,000 people during the last three years. Our biggest event was tie-dyeing with 1,000 people!  Everyday we get to “play” with art and show people how to tap into their creativity. What could be more fun? 

Not to be overlooked our creativity is paying off, we’ve averaged 150% growth each of the three years we’ve been in business. We’re also very proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate and an impressive repeat customer rate.
New on the “drawing board” is the launch of our worldwide licensing program. This means that anyone who loves to work with kids and people, can think outside of the crayon box and likes to be happy, can earn a great income (in any type of economy)…all from the comfort of their home office. As we like to say, home is where the art is!! 

The entire Let’s Gogh Art team has truly experienced the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. We’re looking forward to “discovering how far our creativity can go” and we hope you can help us get there. Thanks for your vote.

You can find out more about Lets Gogh Art at