What’s in a name? by Lisa R. Tucci

Indefatigable entrepreneur, cultural strategist, presentation architect and activist are just a few of the terms that Ruth Glendinning uses to describe herself.  Although we have ‘only’ an online relationship, since meeting Ruth, I can attest that being simply on the outskirts of her whirlwind of activity is still an uplifting experience.   She claims to be 39th in descent from Lady Godiva; I believe she was Lady Godiva in a past life.

Ruth may have started out with a corporate career as a Presentation Specialist for Price Waterhouse Coopers, but since venturing on her own in 1995, she has shown a passion and talent for reinvention; not only of herself and her personal life, but also assisting others to develop their own personal talents too.  Her latest mission: The STELLAR Center (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Lifelong Learning, Arts, Resource).  Ruth has set out to create an innovative, multi-disciplinary, interactive facility that will inspire people to reinvent themselves, their communities, and the world at large. 

Stellar strives to:  Promote careers in science, technology & the arts along with educational and interactive resources across these disciplines; Form collaborative educational and training programs to provide access to economic opportunities for the historically disadvantaged; ultimately creating an innovative economic and community development opportunity for all.

When she is not working on Stellar activities, Ruth is a Cultural Strategist for her own concerns, iCREATE and GuRuth, inspiring clients to “live their best lives by working with them to identify touch points that engage them on their personal path towards success, satisfaction, and connectivity.”

But it’s Ruth’s personal branding which sets her apart from the crowd.  Armed with her nickname cum Company name, GuRuth, Ruth showed she was ready to take on the world from the onset of her career, a nickname she got at PW and has staying power.  Ruth states:

“When I was growing up I really hated my name. I was awash in a sea of girls named Kelly, Cathy, Julie and other similar ‘ees’. I absolutely refused to be called Ruthie so I tried on a few other names trying to find my ‘mee’, but nothing really struck a chord.  Until one day a friend and colleague (with the envious name of Seema), started calling me ‘GuRuth’ for my tendency to channel my intellectual curiosity and interest in pop culture into unexpected answers to odd questions.”

“Once on my own, I intended to create a company making kick-ass PowerPoint presentations for others, so I I moved back to Austin, Texas where I had the good fortune to meet a very funny and talented animator named Chris Moujaes. One day, I mentioned that I used to be called ‘GuRuth’ and his eyes lit up. He immediately inspired me to reclaim this nickname and bring it to life in a new way. Thus my alter ego, GuRuth was reborn. In fact, the branding has been so successful, there are some folks who always call me GuRuth. No double ees or anything cutesy and I don’t mind one bit.”

GuRuth brings her warrior – inspirational spirit into her personal life, too.  Her website, Sober at the Party discusses efforts to change the American healthcare system and patient’s rights.  The name’s origin is profound.  Again, Ruth says,

“On February 18, 2008 my husband entered the hospital and did not return home until May 27, 2008. Since I’ve always been blessed with good health, this was my first experience with the institutional side of healthcare. When asked to describe my experience, I began to realize that the best metaphor was that I felt like the only sober person at a party that had been going on for years!”

With her humor, spirit and intense networking for a better community, her next mission: getting her husband Keith on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  For some reason, I have every bit of confidence that GuRuth might get on the show herself!

Lisa R. Tucci
Art&Media Communications
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