Meet Debbye Cannon CEO of BusinessMom Mentor in South Jordan, UT

Debbye Cannon is an author and the CEO of BusinessMom Mentor, LLC.  She is a globally recognized expert in organizing techniques for home, business and life in general, and built her company to support working mothers in all areas of their lives.  Through BusinessMom Mentor, Debbye Cannon is able to offer what she calls SMARTcuts™ and teach organizing systems and techniques to business women everywhere who are struggling with juggling and create a thriving family life while growing prosperous businesses. 

Through BusinessMom Mentor, LLC, Debbye Cannon earns income through a variety of sources and products.  Her first book went into print in September, 1988, and is currently enjoying its third printing.  She has several other books and DVDs on life simplification for a broad range of subjects that effect working women entrepreneurs and executives, such as travel, scheduling, kids, meals, etc.  She is a welcome public speaker around the nation and gives teleseminars regularly, as well as offering one-on-one home / office / life organization makeovers all around the United States and in several international locations.  Debbye also participates in several joint ventures and affiliate programs.  Her books, DVDs, and organizational kits are sold both through online sales and at live speaking events, and she enjoys a vibrant and profitable revenue stream from her inspiring and life changing speaking engagements.

Debbye Cannon started BusinessMom Mentor in 1982 after enjoying a lifetime love affair with organizing, and it has been profitable every single year she has been in business.

She was inspired to formally begin her business after having her children and finding that life had become an overwhelming whirlwind that played itself out over and over, again and again every day.  She faced the very normal responsibilities of wife, mother, homemaker and running a substantial home-based business. Being an organizer at heart, Debbye set out to create systems and SMARTcuts for her own life – and very soon thereafter, her friends and neighbors were asking her to teach it to them as well.  Voila!  A company was born.  

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*NOTE: Video above  gives viewers a humorous look at  how to pack efficiently for a trip