Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis, President/CEO of Deline Institute in Upper Marlboro, MD
Deline Institute for Professional Development

Through the Deline Institute for Professional Development, Dr. Lewis has developed business curriculum with a focus on women’s issues.  The curriculum has been adopted in federal agencies, universities, healthcare facilities, women’s leadership conferences and women’s organizations in the United States and abroad. 

Dr. Lewis provides career/ professional development coaching, workshops, and seminars in the professional development arena.  By doing this, Dr. Lewis is able to help women realize their full potential in their careers, professional and personal lives.  Dr. Lewis has designed and developed workshops and curriculum so that all will address the challenges facing working women at all levels.  The goal of the Deline Institute is to empower women while also giving them support.  The mission and philosophy of the Deline Institute is “Finding Your Best Inside.”  The programs have been designed to help women with significant professional experience and those with l ittle or no experience who are seeking to return to the workforce, recharge their careers, or take their professional lives in a new direction. 
Dr. Lewis has been in business since 2003 and her knowledge of business and professionalism is=2 0supported by 21 years of work experience in the military (retired) and 20 years of continuous work experience as a civilian with the Federal government.  Dr. Lewis has been certified by The Professional Woman Network as a Diversity Trainer with special emphasis in Women’s Issues and also certified through the Genesis Life Coaching Institute as a career/professional development coach.  She is a professional speaker, published author and considered to be an expert in the professional development arena. Dr. Lewis is also an Adjunct Professor for the University of Phoenix providing education and training online.

Through the Deline Institute for Professional Development, Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis:
Provides business consulting
Provides keynote speeches
Conducts platform speaking
Provides career & professional development coaching
Conducts workshops, seminars, conferences and teleconferences.
Coaches entrepreneurs, business professionals and young adults
Provides training on how to become a professional speaker and basic business strategies.
Provides career consulting
Provides image consulting
Provides job application/resume review

Each workshop and seminar is custom tailored to the organization’s needs and can be presented as a complete training module or separated into shorter, specific components.  The workshops and seminars can be conducted as half day session or all day session based on the needs of the client.

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