Meet Erika Taylor Montgomery, CEO – Chief Publicist of Three Girls Media & Marketing Inc. in Campbell , CA

Erika Taylor Montgomery founded Three Girls Media & Marketing Inc., a multi award-winning public relations agency in June of 2005. The company was launched with a commitment to serve those who often need PR services the most, but can afford them the least – small businesses. Knowing that there was a deficit in the PR industry for cost-effective PR plans that literally promised what clients want most – seeing themselves in the media – Montgomery set out to offer what no other PR agency in the nation was offering: guaranteed results in writing. Since Three Girls inception, the company has not only met, but exceeded their guarantee, 100% of the time.

Three Girls Media’s primary revenue comes from a variety of PR programs the company offers, ranging in price from $200 to $20,000. They include an al-la-carte menu off which clients can pick and choose a selection of basic public relations services such as press release writing, media list building, the creation of a virtual press kit and more, to a comprehensive, full-service, 6-month PR campaign that spans nationwide media.  Montgomery, a sought after public speaker and panelist, also generates income through a variety of appearances each year as well as consulting companies on how to implement PR plans and utilize the media to gain brand awareness and name recognition.

Since it’s inception, Three Girls Media has caught the attention of both the PR industry and mainstream media, and has been honored with several awards including being named one of the, “Top 10 Most Innovative Home-Based Businesses,” by BusinessWeek Magazine in October of 2008. Microsoft’s Start-up Nation also awarded the company a “Most Innovative” award in the Summer of 2008. Montgomery has been individually recognized by the San Francisco Chronicle, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the national eWomen’s Network.

Prior to launching Three Girls Media just over 4 years ago, Montgomery spent the prior 4 years working in the PR industry, most recently as a Press Secretary for the California State Legislature and as the Sr. Director of Media Relations for an a top Silicon Valley PR agency where she lead campaigns for Knight Ridder, the parent company of 64 daily newspapers including the San Jose Mercury News and Saint Louis Post Dispatch. Montgomery also worked for NBC, most notably working with the casts of Will & Grace and Crossing Jordan.

Before transitioning to the field of PR, Montgomery spent nearly 20 years on broadcast radio and television in the San Francisco Bay Area reporting news and hosting Star Trek and Simpson’s marathons. Turning her attention to a new industry that would utilize her expertise in the media without necessarily being a member of it, Montgomery transitioned to the field of public relations, where her career has skyrocketed, leading the launch and phenomenal growth of Three Girls Media. Her business philosophy, “Passion, Persistence and Out-of-the-Box Creativity,” has guided her career as well as germination and expansion of Three Girls and is a mantra that she holds dear today.

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