Meet Victoria Trabosh, Executive Coach and International Speaker in Lake Oswego, Oregon


Victoria Trabosh has over 33 years of experience in leading a range of companies and participating effectively in teams. Adventures in business include working as a controller in manufacturing; president and owner of
a private fiduciary company established to manage conservatorships, guardianships, trusts and estates; and most recently, managing director for a large trust division in a national bank.

As an executive coach and international speaker she works with successful people who want to take themselves and their business to the next level. They seek a life of success and significance.

As an entrepreneur, team leader, team player, sales trainer, consultant, speaker, board member, and auditor — all are titles she’s held, giving her valuable and varied experiences as a leader who is followed. Her keynote speeches and workshops distill abstract ideas into real-life solutions to achieve key results including:

    * Awareness of the leader within us all
    * Improved communication skills
    * Enhanced team dynamics
    * Clearly defined goals
    * Increased revenues
    * Most effective sales and marketing behaviors

In 2005 Trabosh co-founded the ITAFARI FOUNDATION for Rwanda. Itafari primarily serves women and children in the areas of microfinance, child sponsorship, building a high school, supporting child headed households
through a goat program and buying the baskets of Gahaya Links for resale. She travels to Rwanda 1-2 times per year to oversee the programs and identify organizations in Rwanda with whom they can partner. Trabosh
currently serves as President of Itafari.

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Twitter @VHTrabosh