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This Business Woman Rubs People the “RIGHT” Way

Kathy Gruver, MS, LMT, RM, Owner Healing Circle Massage in Santa Barbara, CA

Kathy Gruver, MS, LMT, RM, owner of Healing Circle Massage has been involved in massage and natural health for nearly two decades. Though her main focus has been medical massage, she has also earned her ND in Traditional Naturopathy and Masters in Natural Health. She is currently pursuing her PhD. Though interested in alternative medicine from a young age, Kathy’s initial passion was performing, and it was during her college years as a theatre major that she met the woman who would awaken her true calling as a healer.

Beyond mere physical relief, Kathy provides emotional and spiritual healing for her clients as well. Her work has been described as both therapeutic and enlightening.  She treats men and women from young children to her oldest at 103. Her natural health consultations consist of in-depth analysis and she recommendations everything from diet changes to herbs, homeopathics, reiki and Bach Flower Essences. She has helped clients through common problems like allergies, to life changing events such as cancer treatment, heart disease, the loss of a child, and has assisted with both births and the end of life.

Kathy writes health and wellness articles, offers workshops and lectures, teaches, has appeared as an expert on numerous radio shows and serves on the advisory board of The Holistic Option. Her innate balance as intuitive healer and practical business woman has been complimented by both clients and the media. Healing Circle Massage was selected as a Best Practice two years in a row by Massage Magazine and Kathy has authored numerous articles about good business practices in the healing arts.

Kathy’s most recent adventure was writing, producing and starring in an instructional massage DVD. In an effort to share her knowledge with the public, the DVD was released in May to teach people massage for home health. This product is widely available on line and in select retail stores. With a book in the works and a dissertation looming, Kathy still finds time to see around 27 clients per week including a few who are given services for free or at a discount. She believes that if someone can benefit from what she offers, they deserve to have the work, even if they can’t afford it. She’s been called an “angel” and “a true gift”.

Another aspect of her work, Healthier Office provides fun and informative lectures to encourage wellness in the workplace. These workshops address issues such as repetitive stress injuries, nutrition, stretching, stress, and time management for wellness. Sharing knowledge is her passion and helping heal others is her calling. The more people that can be enlightened, encouraged and inspired, the better off we will all be!

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