Meet Patty Mooney, COO & CFO ~ partner and co-owner of Crystal Pyramid Productions and New & Unique Videos in San Diego, CA

Mark Schulze started Crystal Pyramid Productions in 1981.  On Valentine’s Day of 1982, he met Patty Mooney who became his partner in life and in business.   She helped him grow his video production company from videotaping weekend weddings to one of San Diego’s top 15 video production companies serving high-end broadcast and corporate clients.  Patty and Mark started New & Unique Videos together in 1985.  Their client list includes companies like UPS, Discovery Channel, Inside Edition, and many others too numerous to list here.

Throughout their years of operating two businesses (Crystal Pyramid Productions, a video-production house and New & Unique Videos, a stock-footage library), Patty has worn an amazing number of hats.  She not only crunches numbers as CFO, but she also produces, shoots, edits, narrates, acts, photographs, markets, distributes, and more.  Over the last few months, she has been a sound technician on shoots for Discovery, Irrigation Association and PUMA.  She has edited pieces for MasterCard, IBM, and Allied Waste Services.  In fact, she just won a Pegasus and an Aurora Award for the piece she edited for AWS.  She has shot video for San Diego Earth Day and Bravo at the Westgate Hotel,   She has provided still photography to Pechanga Casino & Resort, and Graphic Arts Magazine.  She loves her work and it shows.

Patty has always been a maverick in video production.  She produced the first how-to video on massage called “Massage for Relaxation” in 1985.  She co-produced the first mountain-biking how-to video, “The Great Mountain Biking Video,” in 1987.  She has written articles about video production for industry periodicals such as Millimeter Magazine, Post Magazine and AV Multimedia Producers Magazine.  Clients love her because she knows how to lighten up the mood on-set.

Patty loves to practice philanthropy and gives thousands of dollars every year to various peace, environmental and community organizations such as The Carter Center, Tariq Khamisa Foundation, the Peace Resource Center and others.  She has shot and edited pieces worth thousands of dollars for non-profits including San Diego Earth Day, the Martin Luther King Parade Committee, Girls Think Tank, San Diego Code Pink and others.   Her largest project has been producing (all pro bono) a 43-minute multiple-award-winning documentary entitled “The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans” which sheds a light on a painful topic of which all caring Americans need to be aware.  This documentary is now used as a tool to generate donations to VVSD (Veterans Village of San Diego) for their fine work with recovering homeless veterans and Stand Down.

Patty’s optimistic nature and pleasing personality add so much to every encounter; just by being herself, she inspires others.  She has executive-produced several social documentaries in the past few years (on her own “dime”), including “My Choice” on the March for Women’s Lives of 2004 and “Peace Out San Diego” on the peace marches and vigils of San Diego from 2003 to 2004; all proceeds from sales of these videos go to peace and women’s nonprofit organizations.  She also knits boas and beads bracelets with all proceeds going to charity. 

Crystal Pyramid Productions is an award-winning San Diego video production services company serving such clients as Oprah, Extra, IBM, UPS, PUMA, Irrigation Association, Discovery and many others.

New & Unique Videos is a San-Diego-based stock-footage library of contemporary and archival clips from around the world.

Crystal Pyramid Productions provides crews, videographers/ Directors of Photography, sound technicians, editors, teleprompters, etc. with equipment on shoots for our clients.

New & Unique Videos sells stock footage clips to various clients for use in their productions.
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