Meet Leslie Wilkins-Gaudio – Co- Owner/CEO, Elise Wilkins – Co-Owner/ VP PR and Marketing  and Lori Wilkins-Vaughan – Co-Owner/VP, Retail and Online of IsABelt in Thornwood, NY

Founded in 2007, The company is isABelt Ltd. Leslie came up with the idea while shopping for a pair of new low-rise jeans. As cute as the pants were they would not stay up and you could see right down the back of her pants if she bent over or sat down. She found that she was wearing a belt even when she didn’t want to or her outfit didn’t call for a belt.   Leslie saw that her friends all had the same problems and the isABelt was born. With no experience in the fashion industry, along with her partners/sisters (Elise and Lori) isABelt was launched and grown.  The isABelt girls took their experiences in business (Leslie did marketing and recruiting, Elise was a recruiter and Lori is a Registered Dental Assistant and EMT), and made isABelt what it is today.  With hard work and dedication and a little luck, isABelt Ltd. has grown exponentially in addition to the ORIGINAL isABelt, the clear and virtually invisible fashion “fixit” accessory, they have now made isABeltBLACK, isABeltWIDE (unisex and available in clear and black), isABeltBCA (breast cancer awareness), isABeltJR.( Funky and fun designs) and is available at more than 500 retailers across the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and Canada and online.

What is your current business struggle?

I would say our current business struggle is to get branded as the ORIGINAL invisible belt product. Also learning to balance family and business.

What is your current business goal?

To continue to provide great fashion “fix-it” and accessory items.

What one quality do you think is a “must-have” for a mom entrepreneur?

Passion!! There are a lot of obstacles and competition but you must be passionate about what you are doing to continue to move in a forward direction and make the business successful.

What 1 thing or person has been very instrumental in your success?

I need to say that it is the three of us being on the same page as far as the growth and direction we want to take isABelt in. We all have VERY different personalities but all complement each other and bring different prospective to the table.

What is your favorite quote?

This is a quote from my grandfather that received his college degree at 86 years old and was awarded the key to the city he was a wise old man:

“If you think Success..Success has begun

If you think you can..The battle is won

Whatever you think you can…I am sure you will find

It’s all in the way that you sent your mind…”

What advice would you give to a new mom entrepreneur?

Network and take risks.  Also don’t second guess yourself. If you feel a certain way about a product or service there are others out there that will as well. We started isABelt by peddling and consigning product to local stores. When they wanted more we knew we had a product. Now 2 years later we are in more than 500 retailers/HSN and growing daily.

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