Local Chicagoans Lead Recovery Effort for South Side Small Businesses Affected by Looting, Riots

Arsiak Vartenian, founder of Smart is the New Sexy (SITNS) announced this week that she has partnered with local entrepreneur Candice Payne to lead a recovery initiative for small businesses in Chicago’s south side neighborhoods affected during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this summer.

Arsiak and Candice together will raise funds via Go Fund Me , broker and build business relationships for pro-bono and donated small business support and vendor services, and take action steps to educate others about the importance of the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and rebuilding the Chicago community.

Arsiak added, “While we cannot eliminate racism simply by donating, we can prevent the loss of the businesses that serve as the fabric that ties these communities together. Let me be clear in saying that this relief effort is not a reflection of the genuine pain which drove protesters to peaceful protest and action in response to the murder of George Floyd, but rather a call to action for each one of us to take the opportunity to show kindness and compassion to one another. It starts with us.”

She continued, “The businesses we choose to donate funds to will be strategic in their ability and position to support the long term health of the south side neighborhoods and community, knowing that food deserts and economic rationalization are all too common in certain areas of our beautiful city.”

Arsiak is the founder and host of SITNS, a digital talk show that explores new and unique perspectives on the women’s empowerment movement and empowers individuals to raise their voices. Arsiak is committed to building a stronger community.

SITNS utilizes raw and genuine conversations to inspire growth and forge connections between women and men, creating a safe and space for constructive discussions. With every episode, Arsiak explores topics including emotional intelligence, entrepenurialship, and how to approach each day with confidence.

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Arsiak Vartenian is the founder of ‘Smart is the New Sexy,’ an informative docuseries and lifestyle brand dedicated to fostering and illuminating genuine, inclusive, and raw conversations with women from all walks of life.

Like many women, Arsiak maintained her pose during the many high and low moments of her life — hearing countless (unsubstantiated) no’s, going through an ugly divorce, scaling an incredibly successful career in residential real estate and business, dealing with the fears of entering a new relationship with her husband, Amir, and so much more.

Through her ‘Smart is The New Sexy’ docuseries, Arsiak’s life’s mission is on full display as she brings her gentle, kind, and genuine nature to the hearts and minds of women — and men—who know that real success is measured by genuine connections and lessons learned.